Google Is Sued By A Very Odd Plaintiff

Written by Bob Cefail

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their advertisers. Many people we have talked to that are using Google's content network have been concerned over click fraud. This case is a bit odd in our view because Click Defense is supposed to be selling solutions that STOP click fraud. One wonders how they lost so much money if there solution works! Stay tuned.

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10 Commandments To Maximizing Your Time In Forum Participation

Written by Nelson Tan

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6) Get a word-of-mouth recommendation to a proven product or service from people who have tried it instead of spending time to analyze various products onrepparttar Internet.

7) Give and receive encouragement and motivation to/from fellow marketers.

8) Participate in Joint Ventures to expand your business.

9) Give special offers (discounts, giveaways etc.) that are only available inrepparttar 146443 forum.

10) Give free products only to members ofrepparttar 146444 forum.

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