Google Does RSS or How You Can Benefit From Google's New Sitemaps

Written by Titus Hoskins

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With Google Sitemaps you can deciderepparttar importance placed on these pages by usingrepparttar 141622 priority XML tag. This rating system is relative - it only relates to repparttar 141623 pages on your own site.

Likewise, you can also indicate how frequently your pages changes by usingrepparttar 141624 changefreq XML tag. More or less instructing Google when your page will be updated or changed. This is a win-win situation for everyone - Google getsrepparttar 141625 freshest content for its users and you gain more control ofrepparttar 141626 frequency ofrepparttar 141627 updates done with your site or web pages. This may have a direct influence onrepparttar 141628 profitability of your web site.

For those who are actively marketing thrurepparttar 141629 search engines and keywords - Santa may have come a little early this year. Of course,repparttar 141630 jury will be out for awhile but Google Sitemaps will probably have a positive impact on your bottom line.

What it means for Google:

For those of us who have been following and watching repparttar 141631 RSS wildcard forrepparttar 141632 past couple of years - it takes away some ofrepparttar 141633 frustration and a little ofrepparttar 141634 puzzlement from Google seemingly total disregard of RSS.

RSS is not a fad, it is not a trend and it's not going away. Instead, its importance is growing. It is fast becoming 'the' way data is moved onrepparttar 141635 web. One could even speculate that inrepparttar 141636 very near future all web pages will have an RSS component - perhaps a hybrid of 'XML/HMTL' or an embedded XML code that will work with all browsers, search engines and servers.

For Google to ignorerepparttar 141637 growing importance of RSS, blogging, podcasting, broadcatching,repparttar 141638 RSS featured Firefox browser, MyYahoo, not to mention all those orange XML logos popping up on most ofrepparttar 141639 major sites onrepparttar 141640 web - is beyond comprehension. Why Google does not have an RSS search on its main search engine page still seems baffling. Bringing out a homepage and not including an RSS feature is just foolhardy (They may introduce this feature later).

For those firmly inrepparttar 141641 RSS corner, Google's continued disregard for RSS became more than a little frustrating to observe. It was downright rude! Perhaps Google was waiting to incorporate RSS in a program like this new XML sitemaps? Can this mean that Google has finally acceptedrepparttar 141642 importance of RSS and they're starting to make amends? More importantly, could there still be a few more RSS goodies inrepparttar 141643 Google Jar left to be announced?

One can only speculate but when it comes to RSS and Google, lets just hope this isrepparttar 141644 start of a beautiful friendship.

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Google Patent Application – Linking

Written by Halstatt Pires

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The specifics of a good linking strategy are a bit difficult to nail down. Inrepparttar patent application, Google tries to hiderepparttar 141413 evaluation method by listing factors that “might” go into evaluating links to a site. Factors that “might” be considered include:

1. The anchor text ofrepparttar 141414 link.

2. The discovery date ofrepparttar 141415 link.

3. The growth rate of links to your site.

4. The rate at which links to a page appear and disappear.

5. The age of links with older links carrying more value.

6. Numerous links to a new site will be looked at as spam, unless some ofrepparttar 141416 links are from highly valued sites.

7. Link growth that is constant is optimal.

8. Sudden bunches of new links will be devalued as spam.

A general theme becomes clear as one readsrepparttar 141417 Google patent application. Google values sites that are in it forrepparttar 141418 long term, update regularly and consistently grow in link popularity. Taking this theme into account, it is easy to understand whyrepparttar 141419 Google sandbox exists.

A steady approach isrepparttar 141420 key if you intention is to gain top rankings in Google. Whilerepparttar 141421 delay can be aggravating,repparttar 141422 results are certainly worth it.

Halstatt Pires is with Marketing Titan- an Internet marketing and advertising company comprised of a search engine optimization specialist providing meta tag optimization services and Internet marketing consultant providing internet marketing solutions through integrated design and programming services.

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