Google Alerts Gets Going

Written by John Calder

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With a Google News alert, you will be able to monitor client news if you're involved in design or SEO work and industry news around your niche sites. One really nice aspect ofrepparttar alerts service is that you can use Google's advanced search capabilities to create your alert. Just go to Google's advanced search page, select your search parameters, and search. From your results page, click onrepparttar 133421 link atrepparttar 133422 bottom to start creating your alert.

And to sweetenrepparttar 133423 deal, Google Alerts are free!

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Simple Sealing Solution for Pump Shafts

Written by Thomas Yoon

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Another disadvantage of using packing glands isrepparttar fact that there is a certain amount of skill needed for cutting and installingrepparttar 133420 gland in order for it to work properly. It's more difficult to get consistent results.

Although there are disadvantages in using gland packing, there are also good reasons for using them.

They are less expensive to use compared to mechanical seals. If chosen and installed correctly, they can last for a very long time. When changing packing glands,repparttar 133421 pump housing need not be opened up. This can be an advantage when skilled labor is in short supply.

Keeping stock of spares is not a problem because they can be used for all pump brands as long as they haverepparttar 133422 same gland sizes. Pump packing materials are more robust compared torepparttar 133423 fragile and delicate mechanical seals.

For more information on gland packing and pump troubleshooting, downloadrepparttar 133424 free software from Pump Troubleshooter

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