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Written by Ian McIntosh

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There have been millions of words written about what makes good advertising copy, take a bit of time to read some of them. You'll find many great articles and ebooks you can get for free, study them!

Google has a set of standard guidelines as to what they deem acceptable when it comes to writing your ad. You need to read these and stick to them. The next job is to decide what people searchingrepparttar internet for your product might type in as a search, for example if you decide to sell mortgages you might use "cheap mortgages" or "best mortgage deals".

These phases are known as keywords, and you bid forrepparttar 117147 keywords on Google. Your bid isrepparttar 117148 amount of money you are prepared to pay for each click on your advert, and bidding starts at $0.05. So if you get a keyword for $0.05 and you get 100 clicks on your sales page, it costs you 100 x $0.05 ie $5.00.

Now let's have a look at your potential profits. A good sales page might get a return of 2% - 3%, ie out of every hundred clicks 2 - 3 will be converted into sales or sign-ups. So if you are promoting mortgages, out ofrepparttar 117149 hundred clicks for your $5.00 outlay you could expect two or three sales, ie a return of $100 - $150.

Realistically though you would be doing very well to pay as little as $0.05 per click for a market as crowded as mortgages, you would most likely have to bid up considerably higher. But even at $0.50 per click, you would only be paying $50 for your return of $100 - $150 inrepparttar 117150 example above, still a very healthy profit margin.

Obviouslyrepparttar 117151 more popularrepparttar 117152 keyword or phraserepparttar 117153 higher your bid will need to be to secure it, so you will find that phrases like "cheap mortgages" or "best mortgage deals" will be very expensive but will attract a lot of traffic.

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Home Based Business Opportunities 2004

Written by BB Lee

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Maybe you are thinking, "I don't have any marketable skills. I basically cooked and cleaned for my familyrepparttar last several years." Wrong! You have a very marketable skill. Why not start a "Home Based Cleaning Service." This is a business that is very easy to start out of repparttar 117146 home. And started for less than $100.00.

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The Planning Stage: First thing to do is to grab a few sheets of paper or a notebook. Write down allrepparttar 117147 duties you perform each day at your job, or you perform aroundrepparttar 117148 house. You getrepparttar 117149 point?

At work: Do you conduct interviews, answerrepparttar 117150 telephone, type letters, keep records, manage accounts, market products, train new employees on computers.

At home: Do you take care of children, look after pets, tend gardens, keep a household budget, balance checkbooks, sew clothes for children. Paint and repair projects. Lawn care.

Conduct an online research. Search for Internet businesses that incorporaterepparttar 117151 skills on your list into their business.

Are You Ready? Keep your mind open to new business opportunities. There's nothing wrong with followingrepparttar 117152 tried and true path. Starting a business venture proven successful. Great opportunities also exist in starting a brand new business venture. One whererepparttar 117153 waters have not been tested. Think about it. Are you ready to get your feet wet?

Remember,repparttar 117154 business idea you have been searching for might be right in front of your eyes.

Sources: For More Info On Starting A Cleaning Business Click Here:

For Information On Arts/Crafts Home Business Ideas:

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