Google AdWords Tips & Tricks

Written by Nakul Goyal

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Use provoking words: Use provoking words that instantiate action ofrepparttar user like free, free shipping, special offer, limited time offer, tips, tricks etc. These types of words actually attractrepparttar 127964 users but make sure thatrepparttar 127965 words are specific to your business otherwise they can be removed by Google.

Include Price Quotes: A wise and proven selling technique is to give a hot price and that's what works in ad words too. If you are featuring a particular product on your site then you must mention its price in your ad and I assure that you will get much targeted customers to your site. This will benefitrepparttar 127966 other way too that is some free finders will be kept away from your ad and you can save another valuable click which in return meet your budget limits. Your main target is potential customers and not everybody and this way you can head towards your goal.

Avoid double meaning words: There are words and phrases that mean completely different things depending onrepparttar 127967 target audience you're trying to reach. These words should be avoided. Be sure and examine your keyword list for any words that could take on a different meaning than what makes sense for your business. The best way to figure this out on your own is to simply do searches atrepparttar 127968 major search engines for each of your keywords, and see who else is inrepparttar 127969 result set with you. Then end up finally selectingrepparttar 127970 keywords that fit your purpose and relevance forrepparttar 127971 campaign.

Your goal to use Ad Words is to increase ROI, not to increase your traffic. It's more valuable to you, as an advertiser to receive only 10 new visitors in a month if they're all qualified and likely buyers, than it is to pay for 1,000 visitors a month that found you by mistake. You can achieve it by targeting atrepparttar 127972 right audience and selective very specific keywords and constant monitoring.

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Search Engine Optimization and Web Site Usability

Written by Kristy Meghreblian

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Secondary to content isrepparttar actual design of your Web site. Whilerepparttar 127963 user comes to your site specifically for information, they also will want to enter an area that is easy to use and visually appealing. Here are some usability tips regarding Web site design:

1. Avoid long load times. Whilerepparttar 127964 latest technology for Web sites is incredibly interesting and fun, lots of graphics, Flash images, and audio can create long load times that makerepparttar 127965 user wait. And, if customers have to wait too long, they may leave -- and never come back. As a guide, users will generally wait for a site to load for ten seconds before vacating.

2. Make your pages easy to read. A common error in Web usability isrepparttar 127966 incessant need to createrepparttar 127967 prettiest Web site that ever existed. We've all seen them - every color fromrepparttar 127968 Crayola box of 64 has made its mark on these pages. And, with a little bit of color usually comes a lot of cute little images that dance across your screen. In all seriousness, resistrepparttar 127969 urge to do this. Not only will it hoard a lot of memory, but it will drive your users crazy. Black text on a white background isrepparttar 127970 easiest to read. If you really want a colored background, stick with a lighter shade, but remember to use black text.

3. Create a well-organized site. Maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout your site is critical. The navigation you use onrepparttar 127971 home page should be carried out throughout your Web site. Clear navigation can either make or break your site. You are basically providing your users with a road map to your products and services. Don't let them get lost alongrepparttar 127972 way.

4. Consider your space. Content should amount to 50-80% of your page design, with navigation taking up approximately 20% ofrepparttar 127973 space.

5. Stay consistent with design elements. Select one or two (maximum) fonts and stick with them throughout your site.

6. Have a secure and automated server. Amazingly only 20% of current Web sites are secure.

7. What can you do different? This is probablyrepparttar 127974 most important thing to remember when designing your site. Think about your business and your competition. What are you doing differently that will make users visit your site? Once you find out what that is -- whether you offerrepparttar 127975 lowest prices, have a special widget that no one else sells, or have reputable customer service -- capitalize on that one thing by incorporating it in your design elements.


There are good sites onrepparttar 127976 Internet and there are an equal number of bad sites (if not more!) out there. The good sites provide for a smooth user experience - easy navigation and easy-to-find information. The bad sites are slow to load, difficult to navigate and leaverepparttar 127977 users frustrated before they can even get torepparttar 127978 information they initially needed. If you've already investedrepparttar 127979 time and effort into developing a Web site, you should take a serious look atrepparttar 127980 usability of your site. Here's an easy homework assignment: Some day, when you've got a few hours to spare, surfrepparttar 127981 Internet and make note of sites you think are good and which ones drove you absolutely crazy. Investigaterepparttar 127982 qualities of those sites and what made them good or bad. Pretty soon, you'll start to see some patterns that you can learn from and implement into your own usability strategy. Remember, usability is all about creating a unique and enlightening user experience. Usability isrepparttar 127983 name ofrepparttar 127984 game -- isn't it time you started playing?

As Submit Today’s copywriter and editor, Kristy Meghreblian has written online content for many successful companies, including She has successfully combined her excellence in journalism with the delicate art of keyword density as it relates to search engine optimization. As a result, she has helped many Submit Today clients achieve top ranking. Submit Today is a leading search engine optimization, submission and ranking company located in Naples, Florida.

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