Written by Clare Lawrence

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Second link to authority sites in your theme, this helps Google to categorise your site.

Thirdly, submit to DMOZ, Google uses this directory to power its own and their combined content to assist categorisation ?

Consider submitting to Yahoo, which has a similar effect, though its price of $299 may not be worthwhile unless you are an e-commerce site.

Then lastly, find ‘on theme’ sites and persuade them to link to your site. Ideally using your key phrases inrepparttar text.

e.g. Domain name registration – linking through to my domain site Discount Domains Ltd.

There are about 100 factors inrepparttar 127877 Google algorithm , butrepparttar 127878 above aspects are most important atrepparttar 127879 time of writing.

I wish you luck.

Clare Lawrence is CEO of Discount Domains Ltd – A leading UK provider of Domain name registration and Web Hosting services. Please feel free to re-publish this article provided this reference box remains together with a hyperlink to Clare can also be contacted on

Bad SEO and Google Penal

Written by Jason J. Green

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Link Farms - Web pages created forrepparttar purpose of providing outgoing links to other web pages, usually without regard to content or subject are frowned upon. Linking to a Link Farm can have adverse effects as well.

Employing such techniques will rarely prove to be of any benefit to search engine rankings and are likely to get you banned from a search index all together.

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