Google's Secret Guidelines On Thin Affiliates

Written by Allan Gardyne

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To Google, affiliate links such as, and - onrepparttar page or in redirects - "strongly suggest" thatrepparttar 146621 site is a thin affiliate.

Are you using an affiliate datafeed? To Google, that's another warning sign.

However, if you offer a comparison of prices between different online merchants, you're OK, you're not a thin affiliate.

Google provides an incredibly tough guideline, which hundreds of thousands of affiliate sites fail to meet.

Google says:

"Do not call a page affiliate spam when an affiliation is only incidental torepparttar 146622 message and purpose of a website. To determine whether participation in affiliate programs is central or incidental torepparttar 146623 site's existence, ask yourself this question: Would this site remain a coherent whole ifrepparttar 146624 pages leading torepparttar 146625 affiliate (merchant) were taken away?"

That probably counts out most affiliate sites.

In summary, if you want to be friends with Google, make sure you provide extra value or content.

I've quoted only parts ofrepparttar 146626 report. Any serious affiliate will want to studyrepparttar 146627 whole thing carefully.

You can readrepparttar 146628 full report on Henk's blog here...

Note: A Google employee broke a non-disclosure agreement by revealing this report. I don't know how long it will stay online. You may want to do what I did - save a copy of it on your hard drive.

Now we know what Google really thinks of affiliates. You've been warned.


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Finding the Best and Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs

Written by Troy Pentico

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Seek Out Income Streams

If it cost you $1 dollar in advertising to gain one paying customer which would you choose:

1.A one time sale customer that you will have to continually promote other similar products to on a month to month basis so they spend additional money to increase your profits. -or- 2.A customer that pays a reoccurring membership fee every month that you automatically receive a percentage from.

You don't even have to bother answeringrepparttar question for me. I already know your answer. If at all possible you want to focus your promotional efforts onrepparttar 146545 programs that are going to offer yourepparttar 146546 highest return (your commissions) forrepparttar 146547 lowest investment (your advertising dollars).

Some businesses that offer multiple products will offer their affiliates life-time commissions. So if you wererepparttar 146548 first affiliate to get a customer to buy a product from them you will receive commissions on every product they buy inrepparttar 146549 future from them no matter how they ended up being referred back torepparttar 146550 site. These are also very nice programs to put your efforts into.

Start Your Own Mini-Affiliate Program

Some affiliate programs setup what is called a “Two-Tier” commission schedule. With these programs you not only receive commissions on sales that you have referred torepparttar 146551 program but you can recruit other affiliates torepparttar 146552 program and receive commissions on their referred sales as well.

The bottom-line isrepparttar 146553 more of these principles an affiliate program followsrepparttar 146554 more deserving of your time and effort they are.

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