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Written by Joel Walsh

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* Make sure a professional writer, or at least someone who can tell good writing from bad, is creating your site's content, particularly inrepparttar case of a search-engine optimization campaign. If you are an SEO, make sure you get a pro to dorepparttar 146254 content. A shocking number of SEOs write incredibly badly. I've even had clients whose websites got fewer conversions or page views after their SEOs got through with them, even when they got a sharp uptick in unique visitors. Most visitors simply hitrepparttar 146255 "back" button when confronted withrepparttar 146256 unpalatable text, sorepparttar 146257 increased traffic is just wasted bandwidth. * If you write your own content, make sure that it passes throughrepparttar 146258 hands of a skilled copyeditor or writer before going online. * Update your content often. It's important both to add new pages and update existing pages. If you can't afford original content, use free-reprint content. * Distribute your content to other websites on a free-reprint basis. This will help your website get links in exchange forrepparttar 146259 right to publishrepparttar 146260 content. It will also help spread your message and enhance your visibility. Fears of a "duplicate content penalty" for free-reprint content (as opposed to duplication of content within a single website) are unjustified. * In short, make surerepparttar 146261 bulk of your investment in your website is devoted to its content, rather than graphic design, old-school search-engine optimization, or linking campaigns.

Joel Walsh is the owner, founder and head-writer of UpMarket Content. To read more about website content best practices, get a consultation with Mr. Walsh, or get a sample page for your site at no charge, go to the SEO website content page:

Forget SEO – It’s All About Conversion!

Written by Stephen Munday

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OK, so let’s say you have successfully wooed your first-time visitor date. He’s here and he has decided to stick around. You’re going steady, getting to know each other a little more. That’s all you want, isn’t it?

No, it isn’t! You want to poprepparttar question, of course!

Getting hitched

You’ve made all this effort and spent money on getting your “date” this far, so you want to getrepparttar 146177 most out of your investment, right? You want to hear those sweet words, “I do”:

I do… want to click your Adsense ads. I do… want to become a forum member. I do… want to buy that cool digital thingy.

So how do you turn a whirlwind romance into a successful proposal? Try these ideas for size:

Have clear navigation

You want to make your date dizzy with excitement, not frustration! Make sure you have clear, consistent, well-labeled navigation and make your visitor-date’s time with you a pleasure, and not a reason to reach forrepparttar 146178 Advil.

Have a clear proposition

What do you want your visitor to do? Buy something? Sign up for something? Join something? Whateverrepparttar 146179 point of your site is, it does have a point, right? So don’t beat aboutrepparttar 146180 bush, and don’t hold back waiting forrepparttar 146181 right moment: Make your “proposal”, and make it clear and direct.

Happily Ever After…

You thought that wasrepparttar 146182 end ofrepparttar 146183 story? Wait a minute, it’s not over yet! I thought you were in this for a long-term relationship, not a one night stand?

I know, you were thinking that having made all that effort while you were dating, you could ease off now that you’re “married”. But don’t you know thatrepparttar 146184 real rewards start here?

So what arerepparttar 146185 secrets of a long, blissful relationship with your visitors?

1. Feed them!

You convinced him to come visit once. But how often will he come back if all you give him arerepparttar 146186 same old leftovers? Cook him up something juicy and delicious, and have him salivating for more:

Enliven your content with new, relevant pages and, not only will you setrepparttar 146187 search engine robots drooling, but you will also find you have a hoard of visitors coming back for seconds. And in this age of fast-(visitor)-food creation tools called blogs, there’s really no excuse anymore.

2. Shower them with gifts

Everyone likes a gift - and not just on birthdays, anniversaries and at Christmas:

Money talks, and if you are selling anything through your site, then discounts and other offers to previous visitors and customers will draw them back like magnets. Throw in tempting freebies as well and you will have a potent marketing mix.

3. Send them “love” letters

Anyone who has been in a long-distance relationship (like my wife and I were for a year and a half), knows that if you can’t be together,repparttar 146188 next best thing is a letter or email. For your website, this means an interesting ezine that is light on sales pitch and rich in information.

4. Start a family!

Not literally! But you can create a “family” atmosphere by adding a forum where your visitors can interact with each other – not just with you and your site. People are social animals, so use a forum to keep them coming back.

OK, so perhaps I overstated it a little in my title. SEO is not dead, so don’t forget about it quite yet. Just remember that it will only get you so far: If you want to actually achieve anything with your site, then you need to focus on conversion like a laser. Stephen Munday lives in Japan and isrepparttar 146189 creator of where you can download images of over 2,200 names in kanji or get a romantic calligraphy gift. This article is © Stephen Munday 2005. Permission is given to reproduce this article in whole withrepparttar 146190 URLs correctly hyperlinked.

About the Author

Stephen Munday lives in Japan. His most recent project is a Japanese name translation website where you can get your name in beautiful Japanese calligraphy. This article is © Stephen Munday 2005. Permission is given to reproduce this article in whole with the URLs correctly hyperlinked.

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