Google's AdWords Select(tm) Groundbreaking Program

Written by Lee Traupel

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It's very important to spend quality time creating your sponsored link as this isrepparttar "online ad" that people will view inrepparttar 128159 midst of search results and competing sponsored links (in some cases). You haverepparttar 128160 ability to create a short headline coupled with two lines of text with approximately 35 characters per line -repparttar 128161 headline must be succinct and hard hitting andrepparttar 128162 related text should backfillrepparttar 128163 headline with supporting words that convey what goods or services your company provides.

Keyword selection can berepparttar 128164 most daunting task for setting up a new campaign - be prepared to spend some focused time working through multiple keywords to find those that you can afford. It typically takes 1-3 hours to find 10-20 keywords that are relatively low cost - however, if your budget is open-ended and you have sufficient marketing funds to pay $1-8. USD per keyword then it can take much less time. Your market focus is also another important variable that can impactrepparttar 128165 keyword selection process - if you're in a narrow market niche with only a small number of competitors then it is much easier and faster to setup a campaign.

Finally, be aware you can find some keywords that are very inexpensive, but Google will disallow these if they don't drive a minimum clickthrough amount of roughly less than 1% - you can start off with them, but they will be turned off after 7-14 days if they aren't driving sufficient clickthrough volume.

Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool

You may want to utilize other keyword analysis tools that will give you a broader selection and help you to understand what keywords are popular and searched on, which in turn ensuresrepparttar 128166 keywords you do select will drive traffic and will not be disallowed by Google. Wordtracker ( is an industry standard keyword analysis tool that those of us inrepparttar 128167 online advertising world (and many others) have used for years to help us understand what keywords are popular - their service is very low cost and easy to utilize via their web site.

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of marketing experience - he is the founder of Intelective Communications, Inc., a marketing services company which provides strategic and tactical marketing services exclusively to small to medium sized companies. Reprinted with permission from Intelective Communications - this article may be reprinted freely, provided this attribution box remains intact. (c) 2001-2002 by Intelective Communications, Inc.

A Review of WebPosition Gold v2.0 BETA (Part 2)

Written by Kalena Jordan

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This oneís pretty redundant if you ask me. †

Scheduler Enhancements

1) Easier Interface

Well - hereísrepparttar thing. WPG claim thatrepparttar 128158 Scheduler interface in WPG v2.0 is easier to use. But I donít think so. Surerepparttar 128159 tabbed layout is consistent with other WPG features, but I donít findrepparttar 128160 interface any more intuitive. In fact, Scheduler v2.0 kept trying to run using an older version of WPG. After I worked out whatrepparttar 128161 problem was, I had to keep changingrepparttar 128162 execute file inrepparttar 128163 'Program to Run' field to WPG v2.0 BETA. There doesnít appear to be a way to choose a default program to run, unless you remove older WPG versions from your system or move them to a new folder.

2) System Tray Support †

A nice enhancement to Scheduler in v2.0 isrepparttar 128164 addition of an icon in your system tray, meaning you can right clickrepparttar 128165 icon at any time to run Scheduler. Previously, unless you had Scheduler as a desktop shortcut, you had to open WPG and select Scheduler when you wanted to run it.

3) New Report Log † In WPG v2.0, a log file now records details of all scheduled events so you can open it and see which missions completed and which did not. A 'View Log' button has been added to Scheduler so you can see this file at any time. † 4) Scheduled Uploads Supported †

WPG v2.0 now supports scheduling of Upload Manager missions in addition to Reporter and Submitter missions. So now you can schedule what time and what day you want your report files uploaded torepparttar 128166 Internet. † 5) More Flexibility †

In v2.0, Scheduler includes a lot more flexibility when running missions. Now you can choose specific dates, times and/or recurring dates via a drop down list, such as every second Friday or quarterly. This is useful for my clients, because some of them like to present ranking reports at specific management meetings and often those meetings will be held at regular intervals such asrepparttar 128167 third Wednesday ofrepparttar 128168 month. This new feature gives merepparttar 128169 ability to run and upload their reports to coincide with such meetings. 6) Easier Submission Handling †

A feature of Scheduler Iím not likely to use is submission handling. WPG v2.0 allowsrepparttar 128170 submission of URLís at more defined intervals, supposedly keeping within search engine recommended per-day submission limits. However, one check box option I noticed and that caused me some concern was 'Allow Repetitive Submissions'. The explanation states:

'Once all URLís are submitted, highlight them so that they can be re-submitted onrepparttar 128171 next scheduled run'.

Iíve got to ask - why on earth would you want to regularly resubmit a URL to any search engine? If your site is linked to from other sites, most search engines will find your site on their own when they crawlrepparttar 128172 web. Once youíre listed, most search engines will regularly return and spider your site for new content without any help from you. Other search engines can take months to add your URL to their index, but submitting once is enough. Depending on your site content, some search engines wonít add you at all.

Regardless, submitting on a regular basis is only going to annoy search engines and possibly get your URL banned. The only reason to resubmit is if you WERE listed and later find your listing has disappeared. Resubmitting a URL inrepparttar 128173 hope of improving your ranking is just silly. If your page doesnít get ranked wellrepparttar 128174 first time it gets listed in a search engine, resubmittingrepparttar 128175 same page is not going to make it suddenly rank high! This submission 'enhancement' to WPG raises concern because it is open to abuse by giving peoplerepparttar 128176 ability to resubmit their URLís daily. This is an irresponsible and unnecessary addition torepparttar 128177 software if you ask me.

7) Handy Pop Up Calendar †

The WPG v2.0 Scheduler now includes a pop-up calendar to assistrepparttar 128178 selection of scheduled dates on which to run missions. This is particularly useful for those of us running multiple missions per month. 8) Quickly Test Your Scheduled Events †

If you wanted to schedule a mission to run immediately inrepparttar 128179 old version of WPG, you still had to select a future time forrepparttar 128180 mission to commence. WPG v2.0 of Scheduler includes a 'Run Now' button that allows you to run any scheduled missions immediately. †

Well, that completes my review of WebPosition Gold v2.0 BETA. Keep in mind thatrepparttar 128181 program is still in BETA release, so items discussed above may change beforerepparttar 128182 full version is released. All in all, Iíve foundrepparttar 128183 new version to be very impressive, with plenty of worthwhile features justifyingrepparttar 128184 cost of an upgrade (USD 74 forrepparttar 128185 Standard version and USD 174 forrepparttar 128186 Pro) or a new purchase (USD 149 forrepparttar 128187 Standard version and USD 349 forrepparttar 128188 Pro). However, some ofrepparttar 128189 features provided are quite powerful and open to abuse.

If you choose to use WebPosition Gold or similar software, try to use it responsibly by scheduling your Reporter missions sporadically, not over-submitting your URLís, avoidingrepparttar 128190 creation of hundreds of content-challenged doorway pages and not running Reporter on engines known for taking an anti-querying software stand (such as Google). Because despiterepparttar 128191 hype, bombarding search engines is NOT going to help you achieve high rankings.

President of FirstPlace Software, Brent Winters, responded to my review with comments addressing some ofrepparttar 128192 concerns I raise above. You can read Brent's comments via this link: If you have additional questions about WebPosition Gold as a result of reading this review, please visitrepparttar 128193 links below, or email WebPosition support staff via If youíd like to trialrepparttar 128194 Beta version of WPG v2.0 please download it fromrepparttar 128195 link below.†

More: (our affiliate link) (outline of features in v2.0)

Article by Kalena Jordan, CEO of Web Rank. Kalena was one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia and is well known and respected in the industry worldwide. For more of her articles on search engine ranking and online marketing, please visit

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