Google’s Shake Up: A View From the Beginning - Part 2/3

Written by Jim Hedger

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Google is not inrepparttar business of driving websites out of business. Google exists to make money by providingrepparttar 127979 most relevant listings possible, a goal they are clearly not achieving. As Lee Roberts stated above, Google was built on (and, implicitly can be brought down by), word-of-mouth advertising, a fact that cannot be lost onrepparttar 127980 management at Google. Google is not inrepparttar 127981 extortion business and has in fact, built its reputation on being above reproach inrepparttar 127982 separation of paid advertising (AdWords), andrepparttar 127983 general free listings. I have a difficult time acceptingrepparttar 127984 theory that Google is simply trying to increase AdWords revenues, or increase its own perceived value before issuingrepparttar 127985 expected IPO next quarter. In reality, what I think we are seeing is Google trying to reclaim its power when it comes to choosing how it will rank websites. Think about this update as a pendulum. Beforerepparttar 127986 update happened,repparttar 127987 pendulum had swung to one extreme where, with enough hard work, some could make Google do almost anything they wanted it to. Now, withrepparttar 127988 application ofrepparttar 127989 Florida Update, Google has pushedrepparttar 127990 pendulum back torepparttar 127991 other extreme. Eventually, and based on past observation,repparttar 127992 pendulum will find its way back torepparttar 127993 middle. As for those of us adversely affected byrepparttar 127994 Florida Update, StepForth's best advice is to continue making minor changes to your site as normal. We do not advise a full reoptimizaton at this point, a task that would not likely produce strong results beforerepparttar 127995 end ofrepparttar 127996 purchasing season anyway, untilrepparttar 127997 SEO sector has an honest handle on what is happening at Google. As a wise and wonderful person recently told me, "... you can't push a rope."

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Absolute & Relative Links How Do They Rank?

Written by Martin Lemieux

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So it seems safe to say that Google doesn't necessarily rank "absolute/relative" paths differently.

Google may recognizerepparttar fact that neither method is wrong, it only reflectsrepparttar 127978 designers preference.

There's only 1 type of Absolute and Relative paths that get a bad rank. Web sites that use "tracking url's" or data base urls get a significant reduction in page rank emmediately.

The easiest way to notice this in action is to go to (Online games). You would think that pogo has a great rank but nope, in fact their main page rank is 0/10. This happens because every time google crawls through their url,repparttar 127979 site is different.

So if you care about page rank, keep your url'srepparttar 127980 same asrepparttar 127981 day your site was born!

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Martin Lemieux is leadingrepparttar 127982 field online for web design and online advertising. Visit his company right away for many marketing tips & strategies:

The question for this article is whether or not you should use "absolute url's" or "relative url's"? Not only that, this article researches whether or not Google ranks these methods differently.

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