Good web Design: Site Maps

Written by Richard Lowe

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Outline Format - Perhapsrepparttar most common format for a site map is a simple outline. This is most similar torepparttar 134661 table of contents of a book, with everything listed from top to bottom in a specific order.

This format is most useful for smaller, less complicated sites (under a hundred pages) with a straightforward design. The main disadvantage is that as your site grows,repparttar 134662 site map grows and takes longer to load into your visitors browsers. It is, however, by farrepparttar 134663 easiest of all for your visitors to grasp and understand, as your entire site is presented on a single page in a logical manner.

Multi-column outline - Many web sites use this format. It is similar torepparttar 134664 Outline format, but with several columns. It hasrepparttar 134665 same advantages and disadvantages asrepparttar 134666 outline format, although it can be slightly more confusing to your visitors.

Portal Format - This format consists of a main page which indexes additional pages, which may in turn index additional pages. Thus your main page may consist ofrepparttar 134667 overall general contents, with links to more specific contents. This format is most useful for very large sites or sites with complicated organizations. It is a little more difficult for your visitors as it requires more clicks to move around, but it is better than Outline format for large sites.

JavaScript and other formats - Some webmasters like to use JavaScript or Java applets to make their site maps very fancy. I would recommend against this, as they are far less intuitive than a simple outline or portal format. In addition, you can be reasonably sure that a straight HTML outline will display on anyone's browser - JavaScript or Java may be restricted by many users.

No matter what you decide,repparttar 134668 important thing to remember is to make it easy on your visitors. They arerepparttar 134669 reason why you created your web site, after all, andrepparttar 134670 easier you make it for them to get around,repparttar 134671 more they will explore andrepparttar 134672 more you will meetrepparttar 134673 goals you made when you created your site.

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How To Make Your Visitors Stay

Written by Wanda Loskot

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If you don't design pages yourself, make sure you closely WATCH your web developer -- professional graphic designers are notorious for producing bloated sites (which in turn fail to produce sales). Ask him (or her) to optimize every image to keeprepparttar loading time of your key pages below 20 seconds, even on those slower modems. Yahoo loads up in 6 second -- believe it or not, that's your competition!

The bottom line? Keep in mind that only when your visitors stay, your sales can grow!

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