Good Web Hosting – What is it?

Written by Ryan Fyfe

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  • Customer Service - This I feel isrepparttar most important aspect to keep in mind when looking for a good web host. Don’t over look this! Chances are at one point inrepparttar 138619 life of your website you are going to have a problem with your host, or a question, inquiry,etc. What good is it if they don’t answer? Look for hosts that provide 24/7 email support. Email isrepparttar 138620 most common although a lot of hosts will also offer live chat, and some even phone support. Support I feel is what makes or breaks a host. Datacenters are all pretty similar, and often times a lot of resellers are atrepparttar 138621 same datacenter. Test out a company’s response time. And over a couple days. One my first hosting experiences I found a site with live chat, got online, asked my questions, and then joined. A few days later I had some support problems, and there was no one there, same thing a month later,etc. Even just to cancel my account took a month. Quality hosts will be consistent and timely with their support.

    Web hosting can be a pleasant experience or it can be a nightmare. Take your time and test out a company before you join. A little time now, will save you a lot of time/energy/money downrepparttar 138622 road!


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    Ryan Fyfe is the owner and operator of Web Hosting Which is a great web directory and information center on Web hosting and related topics like Unlimited Domains web hosting.

  • 7 point checklist to choose a web hosting service

    Written by Josh Bender

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    * Data transfer How much data do you need to transfer? Most hosting plans limit how much data transfer you are allotted each month. If you expect a lot of people to visit your site, you'll need a plan that allows for plenty of data transfer.

    * E-commerce Will you be selling goods or services through your site? If not, there's no need to sign up for an e-commerce web hosting service. If you are, e-commerce web hosting services such as shopping cart software, SSL support and a merchant account will be vital.

    * Database, script and extension support Some hosts will try to blind you with allrepparttar features they provide: Frontpage, MS Access, MySQL, MS SQL, Peri support, PHP support, ASP support and SSI support. Do you really need all these features? If not, make sure you are not paying for extras you'll never use.

    * Operating systems Do you want a UNIX hosting plan or a Windows hosting plan? Unix isrepparttar 138507 most commonly used operating system among Web servers. It is known for its flexibility, reliability and stability. Windows hosting plans give yourepparttar 138508 ability to utilize many forms of dynamic content and specialized databases. Windows hosting plans are often used for sites utilizing Frontpage, ASP, MS Access databases, MS SQL Servers and other Microsoft applications.

    * Support Is customer and technical support available 24/7? Can you easily get through onrepparttar 138509 customer support hotline? Or are you on hold for hours?

    Josh has been involved in web development since 1996. He now helps business owners get their own websites up and running with a free easy-to-understand guide, and 7-part e-course at

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