Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander

Written by Kathryn A. Graham

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Now let me get torepparttar fun part of this article. The very liberals who want to take your guns wroterepparttar 126055 strict laws against discrimination in this country! What is happening is actually against both state and federal law. So what can be done to redressrepparttar 126056 situation? Well, obviously,repparttar 126057 business owners can grow up and stop being scared of law-abiding citizens, but it won’t be quite that easy. For example, carry is forbidden inside any U.S. Post Office, which would almost be a funny knee-jerk reaction if it weren’t so awfully pathetic. Carry is also forbidden inrepparttar 126058 secure parts of a commercial airport. I may disagree, but I don’t see that changing any time soon. On top of that, there are even one or two prohibitions I actually do agree with – like hospitals. Defending my life insiderepparttar 126059 halls of a hospital – atrepparttar 126060 expense of countless helpless patients (whenrepparttar 126061 oxygen system inrepparttar 126062 walls goes bang!) – is not a picture I like to contemplate, and it would kill me just as dead, anyway. So that particular prohibition makes sense. There are effective ways to deal withrepparttar 126063 problem, though, and they would allow for pretty much all circumstances. What about business owners actually providing security for customer’s firearms? Why not? They provide wheel chair ramps, don’t they? And Braille™ markings on elevators! Ifrepparttar 126064 disabled are a class of people, then so are we! It isn’t necessary to go to any great expense for this. A bank of lockers in a small alcove nearrepparttar 126065 business entrance would work. The gun owner steps intorepparttar 126066 alcove, disarms, locks his handgun up and pocketsrepparttar 126067 numbered key. When his business onrepparttar 126068 premises is concluded, he steps intorepparttar 126069 alcove, opens his locker and re-holstersrepparttar 126070 firearm before departing (the key is retained byrepparttar 126071 lock forrepparttar 126072 next user). The firearm is reasonably secure forrepparttar 126073 duration, and folks are not running aroundrepparttar 126074 paranoid business owner’s premises with firearms all day long. Problem satisfactorily solved – and cheaply, too. These locker systems are used in most post offices today (for small parcels), and airports (a larger type, for luggage), so they are available and fairly inexpensive. On top of that,repparttar 126075 business owner can charge a dime or even a quarter forrepparttar 126076 rent ofrepparttar 126077 locker. Everybody wins! Now is anyone so foolish as to believe that business owners are going to do something so logical without having their figurative heads knocked together?? Don’t answer that question. The foolish optimism of my fellow man never fails to astound me. Take it on trust from your cantankerous old grandma’ here – it ain’t gonna’ happen! So what can we do? Well, my friends, that is exactly why we have a civil court system in this country. That’s why we have civil rights attorneys, too. If we have to put up with them (apologies to attorney friends), then we might as well use them! Let me issue a challenge here. Are any Texas concealed handgun licensees reading this? Write me! Let’s get together and plan a class action civil rights lawsuit right out ofrepparttar 126078 1960s! If you climb on board, I’ll donate your next renewal class for nothing – you will need just your fee torepparttar 126079 state! It’s a contribution I would be pleased – and proud – to make to this effort. Are there any readers licensed in other states? Any instructors? Go for it in your state! Are there any Second Amendment friendly attorneys out there? Step up and volunteer to take these cases on contingency! I’ll do your classes free, too, if you live in Texas. Let’s get some real class action suits going, people! Let’s userepparttar 126080 system for ourselves this once! It can be done, and it can be won, first in state – and then in federal – court. The simple truth is that if you aren’t willing to fight for your rights, you deserve to lose them.

At a tiny 5'1", Kathryn A. Graham is a licensed private investigator, pilot, aircraft mechanic and handgun instructor in Texas. Also a prolific author, she has written numerous articles, short stories and a science fiction novel.

Should Felons Have Guns?

Written by Kathryn A. Graham

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Karl was a former police officer and gun collector who owned (completely legally!) a number of Class III firearms. He also remains a close friend.

KB wasrepparttar full time admin sergeant for a nearby Texas National Guard armory, and was known quite well by my husband, Seth, to be an ATF snitch. No friend of mine!

What tied us all together way back in those days was our common sport – skydiving. We also did a lot of recreational shooting down at one end ofrepparttar 126054 Seagoville airport, where there was a garbage dump with a nice rise of ground behind. It was a good, legal, and safe place to plink atrepparttar 126055 empty beer cans already lying there, well away from any city limits. The airport owner didn’t mind at all, and it was free.

Seth, Bill and I were all inrepparttar 126056 Texas Army National Guard, and Bill and I went away to jump school atrepparttar 126057 same time in 1980. Seth was violently jealous and completely convinced that Bill and I were having an affair. It happened to be untrue, but even if it had been completely true, anyone who has been through military jump school knows quite well that we wouldn’t have hadrepparttar 126058 strength for hanky panky while there. But nothing could convince Seth of this.

Along aboutrepparttar 126059 same time, unknown to any ofrepparttar 126060 rest of us, my other friend, Karl, made an unfortunate enemy of an ATF officer. He had one of his Class III weapons at a gun show in Dallas. He was walking toward his car to go home, whenrepparttar 126061 ATF agent actually tried to snatchrepparttar 126062 weapon off his shoulder. Karl was a licensed peace officer who took his responsibility to maintain control of his Class III weapons very seriously. Karl putrepparttar 126063 agent onrepparttar 126064 ground, with a pistol torepparttar 126065 back of his head, until said agent produced satisfactory identification. The humiliated agent was completely unable to find any justification for arresting Karl, as all of Karl’s paperwork was 100% in order, transfer taxes paid, etc., but it wasrepparttar 126066 start of a personal vendetta.

I graduated from jump school, wised up soon after and divorced Seth. I think if I had stayed with him any longer, I would not be here to write this article today. Seth was very bitter and very angry, but like most bullies of his type, he preferred back-biting to a straight up fight. He came up with a plan and talked to his friend KB, as Bill frequently went to KB’s armory to shoot atrepparttar 126067 range there.

Soon after, a new guy started shooting atrepparttar 126068 same armory and began to actively court Bill’s friendship. This went on for a number of weeks. Finally, Bill’s new friend admitted that he was shopping for a really good price on an Ingram Mac-10. Bill told him he thought that automatic weapons were a waste of good ammunition, so he didn’t know of any, but he said that if he ever heard of one for sale, he’d passrepparttar 126069 info on.

Knowing what I know now, I suspect thatrepparttar 126070 undercover snot ball involved was losing his mind right about then.

A couple of weeks later, Bill was out at Seagoville for some other reason, and he was doing a little shooting. A car drove up with a guy and his family, including kids. He said he’d heardrepparttar 126071 shooting fromrepparttar 126072 road, and stopped in to talk to another gun enthusiast. Would you care to hazard a guess as to what he pulled out of his car?

Yep. An Ingram Mac-10.

He went on to give Bill a huge sob story about how he and his family were moving out of state (right then) and desperately needed money, and he – you guessed it – wanted and needed to sellrepparttar 126073 Ingram rather desperately.

Bill always was a pushover. He boughtrepparttar 126074 Ingram for cash, took it back to his office, and called his other friend to tell him gleefully that he’d found his gun for him.

Both buyer and seller showed up to arrest him. Yes, they were both ATF agents.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s entrapment, when both sides ofrepparttar 126075 transaction are undercover agents. ATF is not concerned with minor details likerepparttar 126076 law, however.

The feds offered to drop all charges if Bill would get them some prosecutable info on Karl. Bill told them – quite honestly – that he couldn’t do it even if he wanted to, as Karl never, never did anything illegal.

Bill was indeed guilty of failure to payrepparttar 126077 transfer tax – a minor offense. There was never any criminal intent. But a senile federal judge (Sarah T. Hughes, just about two weeks before she fell offrepparttar 126078 bench from a massive stroke) prosecuted Bill torepparttar 126079 fullest ridiculous extent ofrepparttar 126080 law, and he spentrepparttar 126081 next two years inrepparttar 126082 federal penitentiary.

When all was said and done, Bill lost:

1.Two years of his life. 2.His business, as most of his work was for military and government agencies and required a security clearance. 3.His right to vote. 4.His right to ever hold any public office (he is well respected in his community and often asked to run for City Council, etc., but he cannot). 5.His right to ever own another firearm – i.e., his right to self defense.

Why did he lose all of this? Because he dared to treat me civilly and thereby made my crazy ex-husband really angry!

Should he have lost his right to self-defense because my ex was a certifiable nut case? Don’t be absurd!

To make matters even more interesting, my wonderful ex-hubbie “Seth” can purchase any firearm he likes these days. His record is absolutely clean. And that’srepparttar 126083 scariest thought I’ve had all day.

So should felons keeprepparttar 126084 right to own firearms?

As long asrepparttar 126085 system remains broken this way, I say they should.

Got any rotten tomatoes to throw at me?

At a tiny 5'1", Kathryn A. Graham is a licensed private investigator, pilot, aircraft mechanic and handgun instructor in Texas. Also a prolific author, she has written numerous articles, short stories and a science fiction novel.

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