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Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Publishing your own newsletter also helps. It doesn't have to be long or involved, but it should be published on a definite schedule. There is a lot of different thinking on how frequently it should be published. Some people think that a monthly schedule is a waste of time, as people may forget who you are between publications. Some feel that weekly is OK and others, myself included, feel thatrepparttar more exposure you haverepparttar 125051 better.

Whatever frequency you select, it is imperative that it is published on a regular basis. If it is once a week, pick a day that it will be published and stick with it. If you are not going to publish in any given week, be sure to notify your subscribers in advance so they don't wonder what happened. Building a subscriber base is normally a slow process. You should have a sign-up process on your website.

You can use either a form for this or have them send you an email. A form isrepparttar 125052 preferred way as it is immediately identifiable as a subscription when it is received. If you don't use a form, then at least list your email address with subscribe inrepparttar 125053 subject so it doesn't get "trashed" withrepparttar 125054 rest ofrepparttar 125055 spam you receive.

Use something that will immediately identify it as a submission like - this way it will automatically insertrepparttar 125056 word "Subscribe" inrepparttar 125057 subject ofrepparttar 125058 email.

Whatever route you take on your road to building your reputation, probablyrepparttar 125059 most important thing to remember is thatrepparttar 125060 memory of most folks is short, and you will be forgottenrepparttar 125061 "blink of an eye". There are thousands of new prospects becoming available everyday. If you hope to do business onrepparttar 125062 web, you must not only build a good reputation, but you must be visible to your prospects on an ongoing and regular basis.

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A New "Twist" On Link Swaps

Written by Bob McElwain

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Wait one! Where'srepparttar link fromrepparttar 125050 home page to those lovely links I saw? Uhmmmmmm. Nowhere to be found. One site even had a site map. But it contained no link torepparttar 125051 link directory.

So here's a fellow (1 of 4, remember) who will gladly swap links with you, a fellow who will never send you even one visitor. The link he wants in exchange, goes to his home page. There's just no way to get torepparttar 125052 outbound links from there. So he gets hits from my site and I get zip from him. And link checking software would findrepparttar 125053 link still in place.

So if you receive what appears to be a good offer for a link swap, takerepparttar 125054 time to visitrepparttar 125055 site and see if visitors could ever find that lovely link to you. Four of these in one month is a record for me. But hey, maybe it's a "new" thing that's catching on!

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