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Remarkably,repparttar front nine is set lower geographically thanrepparttar 139368 back nine. Unfortunately, so was my score. I can't say if it wasrepparttar 139369 long sweeping fairways with their waste bunkers and bright sandstone escarpments, orrepparttar 139370 various bi- and tri-level greens. I found that our golf course superintendent, Mr. Wil Mortensen , does indeed know his business. Fromrepparttar 139371 maintained fairways, torepparttar 139372 manicured first cut aroundrepparttar 139373 greens and roughs, right down to cuttingrepparttar 139374 hole and its placement, I was delighted withrepparttar 139375 care and condition ofrepparttar 139376 course. A word torepparttar 139377 wise, asrepparttar 139378 weather warms up,repparttar 139379 grass length is extended to protectrepparttar 139380 growth. Averaging inrepparttar 139381 mid 90's throughoutrepparttar 139382 summer, which is actually quite nice in a dry climate, you may find yourself playing an extra club to reach some of those second shots. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that this course plays with numerous elevated and dropped greens for approach shots? Well, if I didn't, then make surerepparttar 139383 clubbing rules are understand when standing above or belowrepparttar 139384 target. It will help. Other than that,repparttar 139385 course is a snap.

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La Jolla California Golf Jewel Torrey Pines Golf Course

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Jetsetters Magazine Golf MallThe #10 is a short par 4 373/356/344/291 handicap 12/16. The key to this hole isrepparttar position offrepparttar 139367 tee. There is a fairway bunker onrepparttar 139368 right side ofrepparttar 139369 fairway. I wanted to be on that side ofrepparttar 139370 fairway to have a good angle of attack torepparttar 139371 green. I missedrepparttar 139372 green short about 60 yards and again I was inrepparttar 139373 rough. I prayed torepparttar 139374 golf god's and lined up my shot withrepparttar 139375 pin. But something very strange had occurred.

The blue flag had fallen fromrepparttar 139376 top ofrepparttar 139377 pin and was lying straight up onrepparttar 139378 green surroundingrepparttar 139379 cup. It looked a little strange, especially since everything about Torrey Pines was picture perfect. But since I was inrepparttar 139380 rough, I knew I didn't have a prayer to reachrepparttar 139381 hole anyway. So I scrunched my eyes and lined up my ball withrepparttar 139382 upside down flag pin. I took a full hefty swing with my pitching wedge. I watchedrepparttar 139383 ball fly high out ofrepparttar 139384 rough and head towardsrepparttar 139385 pin. Flying throughrepparttar 139386 airrepparttar 139387 ball hitrepparttar 139388 pin and dropped onrepparttar 139389 green. I was sure it was going to roll offrepparttar 139390 green, but to my amazementrepparttar 139391 fallen blue flag acted like a catcher's mitt, caught my golf ball and magically it clunked inrepparttar 139392 cup for a perfect birdie. Sometimes extraordinary things do happen to ordinary people and it is thrilling!

All golfers seem to live for that one thrilling shot! It's as if we keep hitting that little ball again and again in hopes that this will berepparttar 139393 shot that will connect withrepparttar 139394 perfect rhythm,repparttar 139395 perfect trajectory andrepparttar 139396 perfect distance between ourselves andrepparttar 139397 course. That shot out ofrepparttar 139398 rough was my moment to feel that connection and to experience this feeling of perfection, and a little luck. Like most amateur golfers, luck is always a welcomed guest any day ofrepparttar 139399 week onrepparttar 139400 links.

The other three players in our foursome applauded my good fortune andrepparttar 139401 round took on a new kind of play. I realized that I could get out of that rough if I would choose to think positively about my swing and my ability. When I focused on lining uprepparttar 139402 ball withrepparttar 139403 pin, no matter whatrepparttar 139404 obstacle, there was a greater chance that I'd sinkrepparttar 139405 shot.

I remembered reading in a golf book that if you think about what you want to happen instead of what you don't want to happen your chance of success improves. Picking a target and visualizingrepparttar 139406 ball going to that target was also part ofrepparttar 139407 routine I was practicing. And because golf isn't a game of perfect, but a game of practice, when I was able to focus my mind and follow through with these two simple rules, I found myself hitting a lot more "lucky" shots!

Sounds simple enough, but disciplining my thoughts to remember only what was good about what I did, instead of focusing on everything that went wrong was a challenge as deep as those U.S. Open roughs. But when I did, I found I had gained a new confidence that helped me enjoy my round of golf even more.

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