Golfing Guavaberry in the Dominican Republic - A Golf Feature for Women

Written by Lise Lacasse

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Over to our right was a row of little shops and car rental outlets. We arbitrarily selected one and asked to look at some ofrepparttar cars for lease and stated we needed one forrepparttar 139419 week. We negotiated with a friendly agent named Gypsy who spoke superb English and we decided on a 7-year-old white Nissan Sentra with only 40,000 km. We didn't think about it atrepparttar 139420 time, but 40,000 km onrepparttar 139421 180 km island is a lot of driving, and suggestsrepparttar 139422 car had seen its better days. We completedrepparttar 139423 walk-around and we checkedrepparttar 139424 tires, which looked satisfactory as long as it didn't rain. The best we could arrange was a fair $190 USD forrepparttar 139425 week. It was a box on wheels with air-conditioning and a radio, with manual windows. We would discover our simple, run-down Nissan with spongy, springy seats, was one ofrepparttar 139426 better cars onrepparttar 139427 road.

The deal signed and sealed, we fired it up and off we went, map in hand. I wasrepparttar 139428 prepared navigator and Kevinrepparttar 139429 confident driver. We laugh when we think how na´ve we were.

Somehowrepparttar 139430 excitement, and unclear directional traffic signs, led to takingrepparttar 139431 wrong turn out ofrepparttar 139432 airport and we drove one pleasant and interesting hourrepparttar 139433 wrong way. At that point we should have known that we might be up for a bit of challenge.

Eventually we did find our hotel, which was actually only 15 minutes fromrepparttar 139434 airport. Our first destination wasrepparttar 139435 Marien Coral by Hilton. Situated onrepparttar 139436 Puerto Plata "resort strip",repparttar 139437 Marien Coral by Hilton isrepparttar 139438 last resort property before you reach Puerto Plata proper. As we enteredrepparttar 139439 resort, we immediately knew we were in for a special treat. Our first impression was one of awe.

The resort emits a sensation of serenity and decadence. Swaying palm trees linerepparttar 139440 circular driveway bringing your vehicle directly torepparttar 139441 entrance. Our car door was graciously opened and a friendly smile welcomed us torepparttar 139442 Marien Coral by Hilton. A chilled glass of fruit punch is in our hand even before our luggage and clubs are unloaded and we are led into an open-air spacious lobby, accented with a marble floor and inviting couches and a panoramic view ofrepparttar 139443 common pool beyond. The lobby teases us, offering a glimpse of what's to come.

Hilton Caribbean, a division of Hilton International, and Coral Hotels and Resorts decided to join forces in late 2002. As a result,repparttar 139444 Hilton Caribbean enteredrepparttar 139445 all-inclusive resort market withrepparttar 139446 addition of four resorts inrepparttar 139447 Dominican Republic. Hilton isrepparttar 139448 first major hotel chain to embark inrepparttar 139449 all-inclusive-resort market inrepparttar 139450 Dominican Republic and further plans are underway for Hilton to expand in this market; withrepparttar 139451 addition of new properties in Haiti and Barbados.

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Revering a Las Vegas Tee (Golf) Party

Written by Mel Barosay

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Like many ofrepparttar modern day resort-style courses that use multiple tees,repparttar 139418 par-5, hole 11, Longfellow is another signature hole with double fairways. Broken by a natural island of desert landscape, players are forced to choose between two routes on their second shot. Althoughrepparttar 139419 right fairway isrepparttar 139420 recommended safer route torepparttar 139421 green,repparttar 139422 left fairway tempts amateurs and low handicappers alike with its obvious shorter distance and unobstructed approach torepparttar 139423 green. Satisfaction of this potential risk/reward gamble personifiesrepparttar 139424 Vegas and American spirits!

The initial design ofrepparttar 139425 course was an outstanding cooperative effort between Billy Casper, Greg Nash and Del Webb to routerepparttar 139426 fairways inrepparttar 139427 meandering trek while keepingrepparttar 139428 homes well aboverepparttar 139429 ridge lines ofrepparttar 139430 course. This has successfully minimizedrepparttar 139431 impact ofrepparttar 139432 4,755-acre master-planned community torepparttar 139433 golf experience while accentuatingrepparttar 139434 challenges ofrepparttar 139435 natural flow of land. Seclusion, serenity, uncrowded and well-planned sums uprepparttar 139436 feeling a golfer gets when stepping their feet upon this sacred golf mecca.

The No. 6, North Church, 384-yard, par-4 isrepparttar 139437 farthest point north onrepparttar 139438 golf course. And, if you can stay out ofrepparttar 139439 bunkers onrepparttar 139440 right, you won't have any trouble until you start your approach torepparttar 139441 green. That may be easier said than done! The bunkers are reachable in length with a driver and withrepparttar 139442 right-to-left sloping fairway, temptation to aim a little farther right makesrepparttar 139443 shot even more dangerous. But, thenrepparttar 139444 old "one-if-by-land, two-if-by-sea" bit takes on a whole new meaning. The "land" in this equation is a scary pot bunker hiding inrepparttar 139445 back-right side ofrepparttar 139446 green. It could easily cost you a stroke. The "sea," onrepparttar 139447 other hand, isrepparttar 139448 lake that curls aroundrepparttar 139449 green's front-right. Having "feel"with your wedge and proper distance control is essential to success here.

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Revere's 23,000 sq. ft. clubhouse with its breathtaking views and very hospitable staff will make your special occasion a revolutionary one!

No. 12, named "One-If-By-Land," is a 422-yard, par-4 layout that creates an unique challenge. Bunkers boarderrepparttar 139450 entire right side ofrepparttar 139451 fairway whilerepparttar 139452 golfer is staring down intorepparttar 139453 Las Vegas Valley can distract, awe, and cause error if one is not careful. The topography makesrepparttar 139454 green appear to be higher inrepparttar 139455 back than it is inrepparttar 139456 front. The golfer really needs to trust his distance, control, and accuracy here, too. In truth,repparttar 139457 green slopes away from you, making allrepparttar 139458 skill elements very important.

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By Mel Barosay, Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Read Jetsetters Magazine at

Mel Barosay, Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Join the Travel Writers Network in the logo at

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