Golf on a Budget

Written by Jose L. Gonzalez

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Since no two people play golfrepparttar same - and everyone has an individual physique and swing a product that adds distance for one player may not help another player at all.

Think about something you do very well that requires a piece of equipment. Yourerepparttar 148767 expert in this area. Should everyone who attempts your job then buyrepparttar 148768 exact same equipment as you have? Will that mean theyll be able to dorepparttar 148769 job better or as well as you?

Food for thought, isnt it? I enjoy gardening, and have a lovely flower garden. But I only have one or two garden tools that are consideredrepparttar 148770 best. The other things I use because thats what Ive always used.

So just because one golf pro buys one kind of ball or club doesnt mean that itsrepparttar 148771 best for you.

The sales pitches that swear youre going to add 30 yards and never hit another slice entice us to shell outrepparttar 148772 big bucks. But if youre careful and have a healthy dose of skepticism, youll save both time and money inrepparttar 148773 long run.

Remember, inrepparttar 148774 golf world, just because a product is more expensive, doesnt mean its necessarily any better

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Golf Swing Secret

Written by Jose L. Gonzalez

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- Discoverrepparttar easiest way to make perfect impact withrepparttar 148766 ball on every shot. Just imaginerepparttar 148767 amount of stokes that you will save.

- You may have heard ofrepparttar 148768 one-piece takeaway. Learnrepparttar 148769 method that will help you master this move, and keep your swing connected. This isrepparttar 148770 most beneficial part ofrepparttar 148771 system. It provides consistency, and gives you a controlled swing that results in increased distance.

- Learn how to get torepparttar 148772 top of your backswing, and how to get intorepparttar 148773 same position for every shot. "The Simple Golf Swing" teaches you a method that promotes an inside-out swing that you can use to automatically hitrepparttar 148774 fairway.

- Learn where to stop your backswing. I teach a shorter backswing than most. A short backswing promotes consistency, and increased distance. Remember, golf is a game of opposites.

- Discoverrepparttar 148775 distance secret that many instructors don't even address because it's so hard to teach. Here's a hint: Hand Action that can increase your swing speed by 10 mph.

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