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Written by Martin Smith

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As in most situations, a certain type of etiquette is found in golf. Here are a number of tips to help you. Show up on time for your game. If you are late you can keep others from being able to start their game. Observerepparttar orders ofrepparttar 149205 club. Jeans and tee shirts are not usually allowed. Shirts with collars are seen in most clubs. Some clubs frown on changing your shoes inrepparttar 149206 parking lot. They prefer all changing to be done inrepparttar 149207 locker rooms. Leave your cell phone at home or in your car. Contrary to what you see on TV business deals are not made onrepparttar 149208 golf course. Honesty and courtesy is very important. Learnrepparttar 149209 basic rules ofrepparttar 149210 course and club. Adhere torepparttar 149211 order of play. Sometimes they will use ready play which means when you are ready you play. Who goes first is decided on by a flip of a coin who starts atrepparttar 149212 first tee. On subsequent holesrepparttar 149213 person withrepparttar 149214 best score onrepparttar 149215 previous hole goes first onrepparttar 149216 next one. When another player is shooting you must be absolutely quiet. Any noise or sounds can distractrepparttar 149217 golfer and cause a missed shot. When it is your turn do not delay; keeprepparttar 149218 flow ofrepparttar 149219 game going. When you hitrepparttar 149220 ball be careful. It is Golf's worse offense if you hit a group of golfers that are ahead of you.

If you are looking for more detailed information you do an internet search. There are all kinds of available resources for you regarding equipment, tips andrepparttar 149221 history ofrepparttar 149222 game. If you knowrepparttar 149223 rules ofrepparttar 149224 game and onrepparttar 149225 courses you play you will have a great. Even if you do not play for competition golf is still a fun game.

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Calf Cramps - 5 Ways to Avoid the Pain

Written by Charlie Cory

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Remember, train hard, run easy.

3. Water is Sport's Life Blood

Whenever you start to exercise, you start to sweat (or you should). Sweat is nature's way of cooling you down when you get hot, so, it's a good thing. And since your body is mainly made of water, then you should have plenty, shouldn't you? Well, considering that you lose moisture from your body when you breathe, sweating does take a lot of fluid out of your system.

And your body will demand that it be replaced!

If you start feeling dizzy, or experience a rapid heart beat, then these could be signs that you are starting to dehydrate. I will take it as read that if your mouth and lips feel dry, then you should be taking water on board. It is not always possible to take on fluid during sport, but always have some available as soon as you are able to drink.

4. Sport A'int No Catwalk.

It's true! Sport is not a fashion parade. If you think it is, then you are hanging out inrepparttar wrong place! There's nothing wrong with looking cool whilst you compete, but be practical. Don't risk injury (or cramps) by wearing clothing that is too tight, and that restricts your body's movement, either externally or via blood flow. Believe me, I know. When I was younger, I used tie up's on my socks whilst playing soccer (not as a fashion statement you'll understand), just to keep my socks up and my shin guards inside my socks. Three quarters ofrepparttar 149161 way through a game, my calves would tighten up, and I would roll onrepparttar 149162 floor in agony. Once it was understood, that I 'only had cramp', I wasrepparttar 149163 object of much derision, but believe me, cramp is far from funny if you arerepparttar 149164 one suffering.

Wear appropriate clothing.

5. Eat Properly.

When you are sweating and working hard, not only do you lose water, you also lose nutrients. There is speculation that that athletes who get calf cramps could suffer from low levels of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. I am not suggesting that you do low level analysis of your breakfast cereal, butrepparttar 149165 message is clear. Look after your body, and your body will look after you.

Eat sensibly, and eatrepparttar 149166 right foods.

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