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Suburban Golf Retreat in Los Angeles

Written by Mel Barosay

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The toughest hole onrepparttar Valley Course rated byrepparttar 139365 lowest handicap index onrepparttar 139366 scorecard isrepparttar 139367 par 4, hole four. This hole is a slight dogleg left, bordered by a left side fairway bunker and a dry stream bed torepparttar 139368 right. The second shot to reachrepparttar 139369 green in regulation is between two large heritage oak trees.

Jetsetters Magazine Golf MallThe strangest hole (nine) on Valley and mayberepparttar 139370 true signature hole, called "Saddleback" is a par 5 with one fairway torepparttar 139371 left and another fairway torepparttar 139372 right. A large heritage oak tree inrepparttar 139373 middle separatesrepparttar 139374 two fairways and is very reachable withrepparttar 139375 driver. If you hit left, it is a traditional three-shot hole, laying up short ofrepparttar 139376 lake that frontsrepparttar 139377 moderately sloping putting surface with a waterfall backdrop. However, ifrepparttar 139378 golfer hitsrepparttar 139379 ball torepparttar 139380 right Saddleback fairway with a bit of zip on their driver, they standrepparttar 139381 chance to reachrepparttar 139382 green in two! This golfer/reporter hadrepparttar 139383 fortune to hit a provisional (ball) afterrepparttar 139384 first gamble to go right posed a few doubts after watching it fall fromrepparttar 139385 elevated tee-off box some 90 feet aboverepparttar 139386 fairway. Therefore, I hit my second ball torepparttar 139387 left fairway. Luckily, I learned my lesson without taking my medicine, and shortly later I was able to find my daring first shot to parrepparttar 139388 hole!

Allrepparttar 139389 greens rated 10 on this reporter's meter as being one ofrepparttar 139390 finest inrepparttar 139391 entire West. One has to wonder if PGA tour golf professionals like Tiger Woods and Davis Love III gets these fine of greens to putt on "week-in-and-week-out?!"

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