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Written by Kriss Hammond

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H20 + Wine + Adrenaline = Futa Spine Tingler

Written by Robert LaGrone

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Trying to surface, I found myself underneath a large object inrepparttar water. I tried to get clear, but it seemed to move with me. The large object had a life jacket strapped to it, and I was finally able to grab it and push off. I reachedrepparttar 140526 surface and began laughing. The paddlers hurriedly climbed back intorepparttar 140527 boat. Seated beside me inrepparttar 140528 bow,repparttar 140529 large object explained that he was reaching down to keep me from falling out whenrepparttar 140530 increasing incline toppled him out, too. Good ol’ Bob — he was going to make a great paddling partner. That night we laughed again atrepparttar 140531 video shot by kayak guide Josh. Stan had remained inrepparttar 140532 raft, butrepparttar 140533 four paddlers looked like leftover food scraped hastily off of a dinner plate.

Perhaps a quick primer onrepparttar 140534 rating of whitewater is in order:

Class I: Gently rippling water; you crack open a cold beer. Class II: Beer occasionally sloshes out of its can. Class III: Can is unceremoniously dropped into raft as you grab your paddle. Class IV: Beer can flies out of raft as you hang on for dear life. Class V: You instantly forswear alcohol with newfound religious fervor. Class VI: Considered un-runnable; you hope there’s beer in heaven.

Of course, we weren’t drinking duringrepparttar 140535 day. This river is challenging enough already. Byrepparttar 140536 way, if you ever run a rapid with a name like “Care Bears,” take it seriously.

The setting sun glinted off my glass of fruity Chilean Carmenere as we lounged onrepparttar 140537 patio. Inside, chef Rocio and her crew were preparing a delicious meal featuring organic produce fromrepparttar 140538 garden and seafood fromrepparttar 140539 nearby Pacific. H2O Patagonia offers custom trips for families, women, and even gay couples. This expedition, “Adventures in Wine", featured tastings conducted by Alex, a highly trained sommelier from Santiago. It seems some ofrepparttar 140540 best Chilean wines are not exported, and many contained some delightful surprises. Alex poured us a sauvignon blanc withrepparttar 140541 spice of a Gewürztraminer, and a Gewürztraminer withrepparttar 140542 crisp freshness of sauvignon blanc. Did I mention things can seem turned upside-down here?

Last Resort

The Mapuche were feisty natives who survived repeated attempts at subjugation by Spaniards and Incas. We too were thinking of survival as we put our rafts inrepparttar 140543 water half a mile above Inferno Canyon. A thin but ominous overcast dimmedrepparttar 140544 sky. We would run an easier rapid en-route as a warm-up: “Class IV for breakfast,” Harvey chirped. Pillow Rock had been Class IV, and it had eaten us for breakfast.

To read this entire feature FREE with photos cut and paste this link: Robert LaGrone, Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Read Jetsetters Magazine at

Robert LaGrone, Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Join the Travel Writers Network in the logo at

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