Golf Amongst the Coyotes at Paiute Golf Course

Written by Mel Barosay

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Holes #6, #7 and #8 all meet similar standards of its predecessor, utilizingrepparttar natural surroundings to enhancerepparttar 139364 game itself, and yes, they are unique in their own way. Although #6 givesrepparttar 139365 golfer a quick breather for its shorter distance and lack of elevation change, it is well deserved. Of these four canyon holes, it isrepparttar 139366 only one without a vista view but compensates for its lack of visage as you are embraced by its walls of tranquility, built by immense boulder formations while wandering through its fairway. Hole #7 is a par 3, 151-yarder over a 75-foot canyon, which funnels evenrepparttar 139367 slightest wind throughrepparttar 139368 venturi. This hole must be played wisely; as it can play anywhere from two to five clubs longer because ofrepparttar 139369 moment of flight time a ball takes to travel acrossrepparttar 139370 mystical gorge. Hole #8 elevatesrepparttar 139371 golfer while driving up to it, some 100 feet aboverepparttar 139372 fairway floor. What a great view and what a way to make an average golfer feel like a Golf God! As if #5 was there to prepare you for this hole, #8 is a par 5, 519-yard test with just a petite target for your cliff drive. Asrepparttar 139373 golfer hits their ball, it seems like eternity while watchingrepparttar 139374 drive take off and waiting for it to land, that is, if you can follow it to terminus

Althoughrepparttar 139375 back nine revisitsrepparttar 139376 man-made structures of communities and beautifully landscaped homes, it maintains many ofrepparttar 139377 cliff shots, rustic canyons and twisting fairways asrepparttar 139378 front nine. In particular, hole numbers 11 and 16 are stationed as high as some ofrepparttar 139379 holes onrepparttar 139380 front nine. Hole #11 can be driven rather safely, but do not pull it orrepparttar 139381 water-saving sand traps comes into play. Also,repparttar 139382 golfer discovers on hole #16, a par 3, 166-yarder, that calculation forrepparttar 139383 wind and loft before clubbing-down is a prerequisite. In other words,repparttar 139384 combination of high tee off elevation with its proximity to higher head winds aloft makes for extended flight time. The longerrepparttar 139385 ball is head-on inrepparttar 139386 jet stream,repparttar 139387 more it loses its forward distance. Hence, so even if you hit a low shot forrepparttar 139388 wind, this hole will play up to three clubs longer, as it did for me.

Jetsetters Magazine Golf MallMy guide Wayne was so informative, allowing me to play my game and experiencerepparttar 139389 accolades and abasing encounters one has with this course. He pointed out facts and trivia ofrepparttar 139390 course, includingrepparttar 139391 day Big Cat Williams and two other of his long drive buddies teed-off and all droverepparttar 139392 green (and over) from high above on Hole #18, a par 4, 392 (fromrepparttar 139393 black). Today, I was playing fromrepparttar 139394 blue tee off boxes although there is white and gold too.

The elegant clubhouse atrepparttar 139395 Oasis is attached torepparttar 139396 Pro Shop with locker rooms, restaurant and formal dining facilities, ornamented in a Nevada desert decor. Dining Room guests are able to view golfers starting out their humbling experience on Hole #1, preparing forrepparttar 139397 ultimate Desert target golf experience.

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It was a triple scoop at Cascata. - A Golf Course Fit For Caesar

Written by Janice Wilson

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Jetsetters Magazine Golf MallButch Harmon, one ofrepparttar top teaching professionals inrepparttar 139363 world was on hand to give everyone a few golf tips. (He was Tiger Woods coach.) He said thatrepparttar 139364 key to a good golf swing was to stay in your own rhythm. He said that a lot of people think that hittingrepparttar 139365 ball hard is how you become a good golfer. But he said thatrepparttar 139366 key to a great swing and good golf is to find your own natural rhythm and to stay within. That's probably why Kenny G. is such a great golfer. Even though he's small in frame, he's got tremendous rhythm and is consistently staying within his personal rhythm and swing. Alice Cooper doesrepparttar 139367 same, even though he's hunched over in stance from all his rock and roll days, he swings torepparttar 139368 rhythm of his own beat andrepparttar 139369 ball flies straight towardsrepparttar 139370 hole. After listening to Butch Harmon, I could see that finding your own tempo is a key element to a good golf swing.

Duffer DVDsI didn't realize that Cascata Golf Course won Golf Magazine honors for one ofrepparttar 139371 top 20 courses built inrepparttar 139372 U.S. since 1959. It is rankedrepparttar 139373 best course in Nevada. Cascata is an exclusive desert golf club owned by Caesars Entertainment, Inc. This stunning 400-acre golf facility is set inrepparttar 139374 foothills ofrepparttar 139375 River Mountains range near Boulder City, just 30 minutes south of Las Vegas. It is designed by legendary golf architect Rees Jones. The course is available exclusively to guests of Caesars Entertainment resorts, so it was quite a privilege to be onrepparttar 139376 inside of those gates and thrilling to walk this beautiful and exclusive course.

It soars 3200 feet aboverepparttar 139377 Las Vegas desert valley. The par-72 course drapes across mountain slopes that provide striking vistas at every turn. The lush fairways take your breath away as they meander for 7,200 yards throughrepparttar 139378 mountain terrain amidrepparttar 139379 stark

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By Janice Wilson, Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Read Jetsetters Magazine at

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