Goldfish Analysis

Written by Dane Stanton

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Why would one goldfish lie motionless most ofrepparttar time whilstrepparttar 147000 rest swim around? Is it a social outcast?

If you have different varieties of goldfish, make sure they are compatible. The slower fancy varieties might get stressed out byrepparttar 147001 faster ones like comets. Yes, they might feel like outcasts and keep to themselves. Some goldfish might even get aggressive with another and in that case you need to one that is being badgered to another tank.

Why are allrepparttar 147002 goldfish so lifeless and tend to stay atrepparttar 147003 bottom ofrepparttar 147004 tank most ofrepparttar 147005 time, like they are very tired?

If they arenít swimming as they usually do, something is definitely bothering them.

If you tank is brand new andrepparttar 147006 goldfish are having a problem becauserepparttar 147007 tank has not been cycled. Wait a while and watch. Make sure you cyclerepparttar 147008 tank before you put them in because a new tank cannot deal withrepparttar 147009 ammonia thatrepparttar 147010 goldfish produce.

If you tank is an old one andrepparttar 147011 goldfish are suddenly more still than usual it could be thatrepparttar 147012 toxicity ofrepparttar 147013 water is bothering them. So changerepparttar 147014 water. When your goldfish seem inactive, you must checkrepparttar 147015 water for nitrites andrepparttar 147016 pH level.

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Keeping The Aquarium Clean

Written by Dane Stanton

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* Removerepparttar algae onrepparttar 146999 surface ofrepparttar 147000 tank with an algae scraper before you siphon outrepparttar 147001 water.

* Asrepparttar 147002 name suggests you need to remove 10 to 15% ofrepparttar 147003 water from your aquarium.

* There is no need to remove your fish to a separate container.

* As you removerepparttar 147004 water userepparttar 147005 siphon to removerepparttar 147006 messy deposits inrepparttar 147007 gravel.

* In case you have an under gravel filter, then you would have to cleanrepparttar 147008 gravel during weekly water changes.

* Do not take out allrepparttar 147009 ornaments and decorations and scrub them clean because you might destroy some ofrepparttar 147010 much-needed beneficial bacteria that act as natural biological filter.

* You can cleanrepparttar 147011 filters duringrepparttar 147012 weekly water change but do not change allrepparttar 147013 cartridges, sponges, carbon packets, etc., as this might remove allrepparttar 147014 good bacteria and harm your goldfish inrepparttar 147015 long run.

* Also remember to rinse any new filter media in cool running water before introducing it torepparttar 147016 system.

* Once you have siphoned out 10-15% ofrepparttar 147017 water and most ofrepparttar 147018 dirt andrepparttar 147019 alga, itís time to replacerepparttar 147020 amount of water you removed with fresh, dechlorinated tap water which has been left at room temperature over night, in container free of soap residue.

* Use a siphon to transferrepparttar 147021 fresh water intorepparttar 147022 tank as this would be a gentle way to putrepparttar 147023 water back in and it wonít disturbrepparttar 147024 plants andrepparttar 147025 gravel. You would also spill a lot less!

* Do make sure thatrepparttar 147026 fresh water is of somewhatrepparttar 147027 same temperature asrepparttar 147028 water inrepparttar 147029 tank. You cannot just dunk in cold water because Goldfish are not tropical fish. Do remember to leave enough space betweenrepparttar 147030 top ofrepparttar 147031 water andrepparttar 147032 tank hood so that your goldfish get enough oxygen to breathe in.

What not to do:

* If you see thatrepparttar 147033 level in your aquarium has gone down, do not simply add water to make it level again. This is harmful, as you are not getting rid ofrepparttar 147034 impurities inrepparttar 147035 water. You are just adding water without removingrepparttar 147036 dirt and thus makingrepparttar 147037 water harder and more difficult forrepparttar 147038 goldfish to live in. So donít add water to top offrepparttar 147039 tank, do a partial water change.

* Never add water directly fromrepparttar 147040 tap. Please keep a separate container only for aquarium use and leaverepparttar 147041 water overnight so thatrepparttar 147042 harmful chemicals and chlorine evaporate.

* Please do not skip weekly water changes because if you do not partially changerepparttar 147043 water, you are allowingrepparttar 147044 build up of waste products like Nitrate that are not removed byrepparttar 147045 filter, and contribute torepparttar 147046 growth of algae.

Having 30 years experience in everything Goldfish, Dane Stanton has spent the past 18 months researching the most pressing questions on Goldfish. This information has been recorded in his book titled - "Goldfish Secrets Revealed" - which you can pick up by going to his website -

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