Golden Rules for Writing

Written by Sonali Raval

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Another big draw is a "case study". Case studies that describe a real life problem and then offer a convincing solution are being used as very effective marketing tools. An informal survey shows that almost every business professional opens and reads email with "case study" asrepparttar subject line.

Benefits First Q: When is it right to not emphasize benefits? A: Never. Enough said.

Be Direct - Make Action Calls Tell your reader what action you expect. If she doesn't know what you want, she can't give it.

One of my friends did a survey to find out why people in Ahmedabad do not donate blood. The result was amazing. 88% ofrepparttar 129401 respondents said: I do not donate because nobody asked me to donate.

Don't makerepparttar 129402 same mistake.

Limit yourself Ah! This is one rule I have a lot of trouble with J When writing, less is definitely more. Whatever you do, don't try to cram too many things into one piece of writing. It dilutes your message; leavesrepparttar 129403 reader confused and you almost never achieve your objective.

Instead, make one strong statement. Back it up with 3-4 credible facts. And then, leave it there. Resistrepparttar 129404 temptation to include everything you know.

Having said this, I must end my article here.

Sonali Raval is a corporate communications professional based in India. An Economist and MBA by training, she is a freelance writer by choice. Sonali's writing credits include motivational & soft skills articles, ad copy, speeches, brochures, business proposals, case studies, & web copy. She helps business professionals craft crisp, convincing copy. or visit her at

So, whatís an e-zine?

Written by Maria Marsala

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tips, articles, adís, class information, suggestions, and more. They can be sent out daily, weekly or monthly. Quarterly e-zines are OK for organizations with paid memberships, but I don't recommend them otherwise. People who receive e-zines less than once a month are apt to forget they subscribed and may think you're S*pamming them. I know that you don't want to get accused of that!

Formatting your e-zine is up to you, so decide what's best for you and your clients before you start.

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