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Exercise: The Golden Retriever adapts itself torepparttar family activities, but it does need more exercise thanrepparttar 147968 average dog. They enjoy retrieving, swimming, obedience training and agility sports. These dogs not only need to be kept physically healthy but also mentally healthy, so it is important to keep them occupied.

History: Inrepparttar 147969 1860s, Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland purchased an only yellow puppy from a litter of black Flat Coated Retrievers. His aim was to breed retrievers of this lighter colour. He crossed this yellow dog with a liver Tweed Water spaniel (a breed that was hardy, intelligent and able to retrieve game in all sorts of weather). From 1867 onwards, Tweedmouth's gamekeepers recorded all matings and conscientiously evaluatedrepparttar 147970 results. Asrepparttar 147971 conformity of this dog became established, these yellow retrievers became a breed in their own right. They were first shown in 1908 and were recognized byrepparttar 147972 English Kennel Club in 1913.

Additional Comments: Golden Retrievers are used as guide dogs forrepparttar 147973 blind and as drug/explosives detectors.

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Hurricane Cats

Written by Michael LaRocca

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Daddy smiled. "Was it around nine o'clock?"

"Well yeah, Jim, I believe it was."

Daddy laughed. "You're lookin' at El Diablo. I chased those Mexicans off my land."

"Well hell, Jim, if I'd a known they was yours I'd a sent ‘em back."

But remember, Bill Ball loves his cats.

Hurricane Floyd,repparttar fifth and final one I saw in Watha (North Carolina), wasrepparttar 147848 worst. It came onrepparttar 147849 heels of Hurricane Dennis, a rather weak one that hit us twice. The land was already flooded andrepparttar 147850 river was seeping overrepparttar 147851 banks. Then came Floyd. Not only was it destructive, but it hovered a while, raining and raining.

Bill Ball lives half a mile fromrepparttar 147852 river, which was higher than anyone remembered it being before. Whenrepparttar 147853 road was under water, he crossed it to get his cats. He left them onrepparttar 147854 porch, where they stayed for a while. Then they went underrepparttar 147855 house, a favorite spot, and he forgot about them.

Hours passed, andrepparttar 147856 river kept rising. Nobody inrepparttar 147857 area had power at this point, and there was quite a bit of property damage. Meanwhile,repparttar 147858 rains kept coming. Bill and his wife were sitting inrepparttar 147859 house, waiting it out by candlelight, when they heard an awful howling. It wasn'trepparttar 147860 wind. It sounded terrible. It was coming from beneathrepparttar 147861 floor.

"The cats!"

Bill ran outside. The water came up to his waist, maybe higher. He waded over to a place where a pipe led from somewhere outside to beneathrepparttar 147862 house. He pulled asiderepparttar 147863 plastic and insulation that blockedrepparttar 147864 hole, but both cats were too large to fit through it. He rescued a third cat, whose name I don't know.

Bill rushed intorepparttar 147865 house, now thoroughly soaked. The screaming was terrible. Clipper and Keebles had maybe an inch of air, andrepparttar 147866 water was still rising. These wererepparttar 147867 screams of two cats who were drowning.

"Oh God, Bill, do something quick! Do something!"

Bill looked at his floor. His gorgeous, polished hardwood floor. It had his initials burned into it with a circle around them, I think. I never saw it myself, but I heard that it was a real work of art. He was so proud of that floor.

"Well," he decided, "It's probably ruined anyway."

Bill got his chainsaw and cut a hole inrepparttar 147868 floor to save his drowning cats.

I told you, Bill Ball loves his cats.

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