Golden Moments and Dog Training

Written by Ruth Bird

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There are many training methods available. You need to findrepparttar method that will work for you and your dog, (a humane method of training, of course.)

I was thinking about this as I was taking my 3 dogs (one is blind) out for a walk today. Just as we were getting intorepparttar 148586 jeep (I drive to where I walk), a lady pushing a stroller came past my house.

Now, you need to understand, that my now golden retriever, Nikki, seems to thinkrepparttar 148587 whole world is out to play with her. She is only 1 1/2 years old. I thought to myself...WOW! What if she had decided to take off and play withrepparttar 148588 lady and her stroller? Would she have come back to me instantly when called? Stopped instantly on command? I am not sure. This gave me reason to reflect seriously about obedience training. Now, you may be thinking that because she is a therapy dog, she is a well behaved trained dog. And yes, she is. But even a therapy dog gets their moments when out and running lose. And for some reason, my dogs can be total pests at home, and total angels when visitingrepparttar 148589 seniors.

A dog must, for their own safety and security, and I will repeat myself here, a dog MUST stop and come on demand. This can never be an option. Whether your dog is a therapy dog, like mine, or a house petrepparttar 148590 same rule applies.

Check your neighborhood for training classes. Also, there are many different types of programs available, including online downloadable programs, which are very,very good.. Check them out. Findrepparttar 148591 one that suits your lifestyle. And, do it. Both you and your dog will be happier!

My two passions, health and pets. Doing therapy dog work is one of the most rewarding activities I can do with my dogs. Pet health care is one of my passions.

Basset Hound Complete Profile

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Physical Characteristics:

General Appearance: Disproportionately short legs and heavy bones for it's height, while well-balanced. Smooth free action withrepparttar forelegs extending well forward andrepparttar 148565 hind legs thrusting backwards powerfully. Colour: Any hound colour. Usually black, white and tan or lemon and white. Coat: Short, smooth, dense and no feathering. The skin is loose and elastic, with wrinkles betweenrepparttar 148566 knee and foot. Tail: Carried high, rather long in length and tapering. Ears: Extremely long, narrow and set low. They have a velvety texture and hang in loose folds, curling slightly inwards. Body: Long, smooth ribs carried far back, level back, prominent sternum, shoulders well back and strong and an overall barrel-like shape.

Additional Comments:

There are a variety of problems associated withrepparttar 148567 Basset Hound including; eye problems fromrepparttar 148568 drooping lower eyelid, limb problems and ear irritations due torepparttar 148569 lack of air circulation inrepparttar 148570 ear canal.

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