Gold Jewelry-The Rest of The Story

Written by Sam Serio

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Pure gold, being too soft for all ordinary purposes, is generally alloyed with other metals. Silver and copper arerepparttar principal alloys used, although iron is used in small quantities for different purposes. Pure silver has a brilliant white color and isrepparttar 145816 whitest of all metals. No metal surpasses silver in its luster and hardness it ranges between pure gold and pure copper. It is more fusible than copper or gold, melting at a bright red heat or at 1873F. It is commonly used forrepparttar 145817 purpose of alloying gold in its pure state, but if too much is added it makesrepparttar 145818 gold pale. Pure copper isrepparttar 145819 only metal that has a reddish appearance. It is both malleable and ductile; hence it is very useful as an alloy for gold.

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Promise Rings! Hot Symbols of Commitment Since the 16th Century!

Written by Mary Ferguson

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Most people associaterepparttar wearing of a ring onrepparttar 145815 left hand ring finger to mean that a significant commitment of some sort has been made.

Ifrepparttar 145816 promise is for pre-engagement, many couples choose to wear this ring on their left hand ring finger. They then switchrepparttar 145817 ring to their right hand oncerepparttar 145818 actual engagement ring or wedding band is received.

Likewise a ring exchanged forrepparttar 145819 promise of monogamy or fidelity would be worn onrepparttar 145820 left hand ring finger to symbolize thatrepparttar 145821 wearer's heart is taken.

Where didrepparttar 145822 promise ring originate?

Rings themselves have been symbolic for many thousands of years. The circle has no beginning and no end and is a strong symbol for eternity.

Have you ever heard of a scribbling ring? In sixteenth century England, uncut diamond crystals were set into rings and exchanged by lovers. The wearers of these scribbling rings would userepparttar 145823 points ofrepparttar 145824 diamonds to etch (or "scribble") romantic writings to each other in glass, mirrors or windows.

Another popular ring exchanged during Shakespearian times was called a Posey Ring. Posey rings are inscribed with poetic phrases or dates significant torepparttar 145825 wearer.

It is believed that wearing words next to ones skin has a magical effect. These symbolic words may be carved onrepparttar 145826 outside or inside ofrepparttar 145827 ring, or on both sides, there is no right or wrong way to do it!

Posey rings are a romantic way to share an expression of love and come engraved with beautiful sayings. It is no surprise that since French is said to berepparttar 145828 language of love --repparttar 145829 French poseys are very popular. Some special phrases include:

  • A Ma Vie De Coer Entier My whole heart for my whole life
  • A Vila Mon Coer, Gardi Li Mo Here is my heart, guard it well
  • Amor Meus My Love
  • Autre Ne Veuil No one, but you
  • De M'Amoure Soiez Sure Of my love be sure

Ok, so maybe French isn't your thing - how about one of these:

  • In Gaelic - Anam Cara Soul Friend
  • In English I Am My Beloved's & My Beloved Is Mine
  • In Latin - Semper Amenus Our love is forever
  • In German - Mine Genyst My heart
  • In Hebrew - Mazel Tov Marital good luck ring
  • Christian With This Ring, I Thee Wed
  • In Italian - Mani In Fede Hands Together in Faith
  • In Spanish - No Tengo Mas Que Darte I have nothing more to give you but my heart

Use your imagination and write a Posey of your own!

The list of Posey ring sayings is endless! If you really want to "wow"repparttar 145830 love of your life, come up with a special phrase that is meaningful to justrepparttar 145831 two of you. Having a special ring engraved with one of your own poseys would be a very romantic way for you to share your most heartfelt sentiments with a special someone you care about!

Mary Ferguson is a successful writer and internet entrepreneur. She has written many informative jewelry articles on such topics as promise rings, promise ring significance and promise ring etiquette.

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