Going public by way of Regulation D (504) offering

Written by Joseph Quinones

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.Even if a company makes a private sale where there are no specific disclosure delivery requirements, a company should take care to provide sufficient information to investors to avoid violatingrepparttar anti fraud provisions ofrepparttar 149011 securities laws. This means that any information a company provides to investors must be free from false or misleading statements. Similarly, a company should not exclude any information ifrepparttar 149012 omission makes what is provided to investors false or misleading.

Any information provided to an investor whether written or oral must be accurate in order not to violaterepparttar 149013 anti fraud provision, All securities offerings are subject to this provision.

This process provide a far less expensive way to take your company public thanrepparttar 149014 traditional IPO, and it also provide a much faster track to having your company’s shares listed and trading.

The Regulation D (504) offering is one method of going public we recommend to our clients, we normally conduct a review ofrepparttar 149015 company to see if going public is a viable option for them.

For other option please visit our website: www.genesiscorporateadvisors.com email: josephquinones@genesiscorporateadvisors.com

Joseph D. Quinones, President of Genesis Corporate Advisors has spent over 25 years in the securities industry. In 1992 he founded JDQ Financial Group, Inc. and proceeded to build it up from a one man operation to the point where it employed many traders, advised numerous client and generate millions in revenues.


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