Going Back To Get Ahead

Written by Jim Meisenheimer

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In case you're wondering why I didn't run uprepparttar UP escalator and then run downrepparttar 144224 DOWN escalator - there was no down escalator adjacent torepparttar 144225 up escalator. If I wanted to getrepparttar 144226 boarding pass I had to go down. I had to go back. Time was ofrepparttar 144227 essence!

You might think it's a stretch - I don't, but I see a number of sales parallels here.

Selling onrepparttar 144228 street is no walk on Primrose Lane. You deal with challenges every day and a lot of these challenges involve time orrepparttar 144229 lack of it.

To go forward in your career you may need to go back to a book, back to a CD, back to a coach, or even back to basics. I'm absolutely amazed, baffled, and befuddled at how many salespeople treat their jobs like being on a treadmill. A lot of walking but never getting anywhere.

Why anyone, while still alive and breathing, would settle for mediocrity is beyond me.

Don't settle for what you've got, struggle for what you want!

That'srepparttar 144230 story and here'srepparttar 144231 point! Sometimes you have to go back in order to get ahead.

Action Step - so what's holding you back? Come on, you know what it is. For example, if you're not organized, not particularly good at managing your priorities and managing your time - it may be time to go back to time management. Isn't it about time? By taking a step back you can oftentimes take a giant step forward:

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Written by Annette Thomas

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Annette is a business and marketing professional.

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