God of Billiards George Balabushka Cues

Written by Clifton

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According to billiard experts, professionals and renowned manufacturers, in George Balabushka lifetime, he has only produce 1000 to 1200 cues. Currently, an original, unscathed cue produce by George Balabushka will sell at US$15,000 and above. And during 1960, there are already fake Balabushka cues are already circulating inrepparttar market. Nowadays, It is never easy to authenticaterepparttar 146925 original Balabushka cue by American Cuemaker’s Association, but can be done by experts: Pete Tascarella、Bill Schick、Barry Szamboti、Richard Black、Bill Stroud (Joss West)、Ernie Gutierrez (Gina)、Paul Rubino. Billiard enthusiast can never be too naïve to believe that a cue with an imprint of Balabushka have to berepparttar 146926 real deal, you have to know thatrepparttar 146927 original Balabushka has been sold by his family to other billiard companies like ADAM.

There was once a report in Florida, writing about a billiard player saw an old man using a worn cue to chase away a dog. Intuition tells him to stoprepparttar 146928 car, and he boughtrepparttar 146929 worn cue fromrepparttar 146930 old man for $50. Before going home, he stop by a cue-repair shop to repairrepparttar 146931 cue he just bought. Whenrepparttar 146932 shop owner unwraprepparttar 146933 package, he stood shocked with his mouth slightly ajar, knowing thatrepparttar 146934 cue was signed by George Balabushka with a number “70”. Since then, it was used as one ofrepparttar 146935 areas to identify a genuine Balabushka cue.

Although it is no difficult matter to manufacture a Balabushka cue by today's scientific standard, George Balabushka's intense knowledge ofrepparttar 146936 basic foundation of cue material and his profound knowledge in joint technology has led to his fame and a must-have collection for all Billiard Cues Collectors.

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Rediscover Home Waters

Written by Cameron Larsen

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I found a gentle slope down torepparttar river, and with little effort was throughrepparttar 146867 brush. After just a couple of casts I had landed a nice 14-inch fat salmonfly stuffed redside. And a few minutes later another one. Moving up river and down river just 20 feet or so, produced a couple of more. Catching fish is exciting, catching fish in a new spot or new technique is more exciting.

I have been back three times, and except forrepparttar 146868 last time, when I missed two strikes, I have landed nice fish.

The lesson here though, is you can never know everything about a place. Nature changes too much. Perhapsrepparttar 146869 underlying surface had just changed last winter during a high water spell and created this up till now undiscovered fishing spot. Or perhaps it had been there for years, I don't know. But you can bet it has spurred my pioneering spirit, for me to keep looking for new ways and new spots to fish my home waters. And when I tire of exploring I have a whole repotoire of fishing spots and techniques to revisit like old friends.

Cameron Larsen is a retired commericial fly tier and fly fishing guide. He now operates The Big Y Fly Company. http://www.bigyflyco.com/flyfishinghome.html He can be reached at info@bigyflyco.com. This article will appear in the Big Y Fly Fishing E-Zine at Http://www.bigyflyco.com/Bigyflyfishingezine.html

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