God Lifts our Burdens

Written by Ron McCluskey

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We spent several hours there enjoyingrepparttar nature. Then it was time to get back acrossrepparttar 127010 river. It was at that point that I found out thatrepparttar 127011 only way back was a narrow path atrepparttar 127012 back ofrepparttar 127013 grotto.

Atrepparttar 127014 far end of that path,repparttar 127015 roof ofrepparttar 127016 grotto came down within about 3 feet ofrepparttar 127017 path. One one side ofrepparttar 127018 path was solid rock. The other side was a thick wall of brush and small trees.

The big problem is that I am a lot bigger thanrepparttar 127019 people that normally use that path! I'm about 6'3". I had a friend that also worked atrepparttar 127020 hospital. He was an average Mexican size. When we walked around together,repparttar 127021 people called him David and they called me Goliath!

When I came to that low spot, I had to get down to a low crawl. I wasrepparttar 127022 last one through. I got down as far as I could and got through there. But...

When I came outrepparttar 127023 other side, my wife took one look at me and asked me, "What happened?"

I was very pale and very shaky. It was obvious just by looking at me that something had affected me terribly. What had happened is that when I passed a particularly low spot, I had brushed up againstrepparttar 127024 overhanging rock with my back. Then, when I came down lower again,repparttar 127025 rock came with me!

I can't remember a moment of greater panic! I was atrepparttar 127026 bottom of a tall cliff of rock and I could just imaginerepparttar 127027 whole cliff coming down on top of me. You can imagine that I immediately shook that rock off my back as fast as I could. The rest ofrepparttar 127028 track went bye in a blur and I was out!

I've thought about that afternoon often since then. For several reasons... It is a pleasure to rememberrepparttar 127029 beautiful time that we had there enjoyingrepparttar 127030 beauties of nature that God created for us to enjoy.

I also rememberrepparttar 127031 feeling of that large rock coming down on my back. That has made me think ofrepparttar 127032 wayrepparttar 127033 Bible describesrepparttar 127034 load of sin that we each carry. If only I hadrepparttar 127035 sense of urgency to get rid ofrepparttar 127036 sin -repparttar 127037 same sense of urgency that I had getting rid of that rock!

How fast would I be running torepparttar 127038 cross, crying for God to take my burden of sin if I was sensitive to my need.

I pray that we will be less willing to carry our sins around. The cliff of sin above us is ready to crush us. We must get out from under it or it will kill us. Let's pray that we are not content to carry that burden around any longer.

Until next week, may God bless. Ron McCluskey


Ron McCluskey is an emergency room physician and amateur naturalist. Growing up, he studied insects and birds. While he continues to enjoy studying these natural subjects, his interest has grown to include the rest of creation as well.

He has spent over a year doing volunteer work in tropical countries. While there he enjoyed seeing how God's creation gives ample evidence of His intimate knowledge and care for His nature.

Words of Comfort

Written by Angelique Watkins

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As you know all things will not please us and there will be some trying times in our lives. A reminder to me we must learn to bear things, endure them torepparttar end.

John's vison revealed that in spite of this period of unprecedented suffering involving nations ofrepparttar 127009 whole earth,repparttar 127010 wicked shall be overthrown andrepparttar 127011 end will not be a period of destruction, but of salvation.

Even Brother Job arose out of his afflictions with a victorous shout, "I know that my Redeemer liveth, even afterrepparttar 127012 worms, my skin, they shall destroy, yet out of my flesh, I shall come and stand, and see God for myself."

Biblical Guidance:

Angels minister atrepparttar 127013 moment of death Luke 16:22

Forgiveness: 1 John 1:9

Guidance Psalm 25:4-12; Proverbs 1:7; 3:5-6

Love Psalm 63:3; John 14:21,23; Romans 5:5

Power II Corinthians 12:7-10; Ephesians 3:14-21

Protection Psalm 5:11,12; I Peter 1:5

Mediation Psalm 63:3,4; 89:1-11, 119:15

Prayer I Timothy 2:1-8; Hebrews 4:16

Bible Study II Timothy 3:16, 17; 4:1,2

Enemy Opposition Romans 7:23; I Peter 5:8; I John 2:15;Galations 5:16; James 4:7; I John 5:4

Pray for Israel Psalm 122:6, Isaiah 62:6-7Our Rulers I Timothy 2:1-3

Recommended Book Reading:Does God Have E-mail? Barbara Davey, Author. ISBN: 1-58244-137-5 and Published by Rutledge Books. I enjoyed this book very much; it is a book of inspirational messages.

It touches on death, angels, views each day as an opportunity to rejoice, miracles, and yes it does touch on MAIL. I would recommend for all Pastors/Spiritual Leaders, Schools, Churches, Grief/Professional Services/Programs, Parents, etc. to review this book for possible sharing and helping others.

I do not represent grief counseling nor am I certified.

The messages contained in this 113 page book could be a help in this time.

When looking at this book some things came to my mind: Genesis 1:1 tells me "Inrepparttar 127014 beginning God createdrepparttar 127015 heaven and earth." Mark 13:10 tells me "Andrepparttar 127016 gospel must first be published among all nations."

Daniel 12:4 tells me "But thou., O Daniel, shut uprepparttar 127017 words, and sealrepparttar 127018 book, even torepparttar 127019 time ofrepparttar 127020 end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased."

May The Almighty God send peace to all worldwide.

God is in TOTAL control and God is not sleep. HE knows and HE understands.

Jehovah - Shalom is my peace Judges 6:23-24

Angela Watkins

Independent Homebase Researcher, Writer, Life Enrichment Advocate

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