God Is Love

Written by Alan Tutt

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Hypnosis is well known, and there are many books, courses, and websites devoted to this topic. Using hypnosis for tapping intorepparttar Source of Power is simply a matter of constructing an effective script, recording that script, and using it to lead you throughrepparttar 122200 process. Most people use a script that hypnotizes them to believe that they are able to make a strong connection to Power, and that anytime they wish to direct Power,repparttar 122201 proper connection will be made.

But what aboutrepparttar 122202 other main principle of Christ's teachings? What about Love? Amazing enough, this isrepparttar 122203 most important principle of all. Although you can get some results by working with Power usingrepparttar 122204 principle of faith, adding Love torepparttar 122205 formula increasesrepparttar 122206 effectiveness of your work many times over. Love isrepparttar 122207 force that unitesrepparttar 122208 lover withrepparttar 122209 loved. By loving God, you become one with God. By loving other people, you bring yourself into harmony with them, in effect merging your spirit with their spirits.

Just about everyone I talk to understands this in theory. It is in implementingrepparttar 122210 theory in practical terms that they generally have a problem. It's easy to understand that by loving God, you will become closer to God, and that by loving other people, you will become closer to them as well. But exactly how to you do that? How do you love God when you don't know what God really is? And how can you truly love other people when they do so many things that upset you, disappoint you, or make you downright angry?

The answers to these questions bring us to a somewhat surprising result. Remember when we talked about how God used His own essence to create everything and everyone that exists today? If you remember this fact, you'll notice that everyone and everything you see around you is an expression of God. Yes, everyone, including those people that really upset you and seem to do everything they can to make your life miserable! By lovingrepparttar 122211 people around you, you are in effect loving God. And by rejecting those people, you also reject God.

In Christ's ministry, He teaches that anything we do to those around us, we also do to Him and to God. Whenever we feed a hungry person, or give shelter to one in need, or take advantage of someone's faults, we dorepparttar 122212 same to God as well. This teaching is based onrepparttar 122213 concept that we are all part of One Infinite Being, which we generally call God. Another teaching that is also based on this idea isrepparttar 122214 concept ofrepparttar 122215 various churches being part ofrepparttar 122216 body of Christ. Anyone who has readrepparttar 122217 Seth material produced by Jane Roberts will also be familiar with this idea.

Putting this into practical application still leaves us withrepparttar 122218 question "How do we love someone who is unworthy of our love?"

To answer this question, another question has to be asked. "What makes a person worthy of love?" Is it not a choice that we make? "I likerepparttar 122219 qualities of this person, but I don't likerepparttar 122220 qualities of that person, therefore this person deserves my love and that person doesn't." or is it more like "This person is expressing more ofrepparttar 122221 qualities of God than that person, thus this person is worthy of my love and that person is not."?

How do we really know whatrepparttar 122222 qualities of God are? Wouldn't any judgment that we make be based on our limited understanding of God? If we truly hadrepparttar 122223 Infinite Wisdom of God, we would understand that all people are worthy of love, simply because they are an expression ofrepparttar 122224 perfection of God.

So we come torepparttar 122225 question "How do we love someone we do not feel like loving?"

Simple. It's a matter of havingrepparttar 122226 faith that that person deserves love, and we makerepparttar 122227 decision to love that person. Or we hypnotize ourselves to feel love for everyone regardless of what they do or who they are. Only then can we truly love God, and only then can we bring ourselves closer to God.

And this is also true for everything in our lives, not just people. Love everything and everyone and you will move closer to God, thus gaining access to even more of God's Power, Wisdom, and Love.

And here's a bonus. The more we experience Love, andrepparttar 122228 more we think loving thoughts and feel loving emotions;repparttar 122229 more Power we are directing to create loving experiences in our lives. By loving we attract love. By giving support we also receive support. By focusing our minds on that which is good, we experience more good in our lives. We magnify that which we focus upon. This is another ofrepparttar 122230 core concepts ofrepparttar 122231 Keys To Power system. It is also an important teaching inrepparttar 122232 ministry of Christ.

There is an Infinite supply of Love. Don't be stingy with it. Share it with everyone and watch your life become a magical experience.

Alan Tutt is the creator of the phenomenally popular Keys To Power Mastery System. Christ taught that anyone can perform the same miracles He did as long as they had enough faith. Learn the secrets to miracle power with the Keys To Power Mastery System. ==> http://www.KeysToPower.com

Creating the Perfect Life

Written by Alan Tutt

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Let's think about this for a moment. How many thoughts have you had inrepparttar last week? How many of them were positive, happy, and full of hope forrepparttar 122199 future? How many of them were negative, frustrated, angry, upset, or fearful? If you're like most people, you had a mix of positive and negative thoughts and feelings. And since thoughts direct Power to create our experiences, they will create a mix of positive and negative events in your life, won't they?

Okay, so let's consider something else. You have a mix of different thought-forms out there waiting to manifest. You spend a few hours today thinking only positive thoughts and creating new positive thought-forms. Which thought-forms are going to manifest tomorrow? It could be any that are still out there, positive ones or negative ones, right? Of course! And this is why it's possible to think positive thoughts for a long time and still have negative things happen! Becauserepparttar 122200 negative events are simplyrepparttar 122201 manifestation of thought-forms you sent out intorepparttar 122202 world previously.

So how can we use this information? Since we know that all thoughts we send out intorepparttar 122203 world will eventually create experiences, andrepparttar 122204 timing ofrepparttar 122205 manifestation of those thoughts is beyond our control, then all we can do is send outrepparttar 122206 kinds of thoughts we want to experience and accept whatever happens inrepparttar 122207 meantime. If we persist long enough, thinking and feeling only positive things (things we want to experience), then eventually there will be no more negative thoughts left to manifest. At that point, we will be living a life where nothing could ever go wrong!

But what do we do before that time? If something goes wrong, or we experiencerepparttar 122208 manifestation of one of our negative thought-forms, then we can realize that we are one step closer to our goal. There is one less negative thought-form out there to experience. Look at it this way, if God told you that you would have to kiss a hundred ugly toads, butrepparttar 122209 last one would make all your dreams come true, would you start kissing toads? And how would you feel as you were doing it? You would probably be thinking about allrepparttar 122210 glorious things that last toad will do for you!

Keep thinking positive, and get throughrepparttar 122211 toads as quickly as possible!

Alan Tutt is the creator of the phenomenally popular Keys To Power Mastery System. Christ taught that anyone can perform the same miracles He did as long as they had enough faith. Learn the secrets to miracle power with the Keys To Power Mastery System. ==> http://www.KeysToPower.com

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