God's Church must warn the world!

Written by David Ben-Ariel

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There's precious little time left to help soundrepparttar alarm and letrepparttar 149829 sirens go off! We're supposed to serve as God's EARLY WARNING SYSTEM (Jer. 44:4). Fromrepparttar 149830 Watchtower of Faith we're able to see what's onrepparttar 149831 horizon and pick up on our spiritual radar screenrepparttar 149832 clear and present danger Europe presents! We know what's going to happen, based upon biblical facts, and declare it with confidence (Rom. 4:17).

If we don't help warnrepparttar 149833 world, giving everybody a chance to escape, we'll be held accountable for their deaths (Ezek. 3:18). Isaiah 42:19 warns about God's servant going blind and His messenger going deaf; Isaiah 56:10 rebukes blind watchman and dumb watchdogs that don't know how to bark and are asleep onrepparttar 149834 job! Obviously God didn't "hire" them that way! This is so serious that God must warn us about it, (and you're being warned right now!) because apparently many won't pass this part of our Christian test, deserting our posts, and running like Jonah! Such Christian-doves will get swallowed up inrepparttar 149835 belly ofrepparttar 149836 Beast! There's nothing new underrepparttar 149837 Sun: just as Yashua's closest friends fell asleep just before His trial and crucifixion, it appears some will nod off just before our Church and nations are scourged!

An important part of Yashua's teachings, relevant to this generation, isrepparttar 149838 warning signs of what's about to strike, so everyone can prayerfully watch and seek shelter before it's too late! (Lk. 21:36). But we're to share His survival course with others so they can know what to look for and expect and how to receive around-the-clock protection by trusting in Him. We can help save lives and prepare people for what's just ahead, whether it's World War III orrepparttar 149839 Lake of Fire! (Jude 23).

Signs reveal what direction we're heading and how close we're getting to that destination. We're to share our God-given light of understanding withrepparttar 149840 world that they may be warned. That is our solemn privilege and responsibility. How nations or individuals respond is not our responsibility, it is between God and them.

Ezekiel's warning message isrepparttar 149841 same as Yashua's and Paul's: repent or face God's judgment. Likewise, Revelation's message is to repent of such things as murder, occult practices, immorality, idolatry, etc. and begin to obey God's commandments and hang on for dear life to Jesus' teachings (in attitude and actions, in word and in works). However, God has decreed that His final warning torepparttar 149842 world beforerepparttar 149843 Storm breaks should be directed to His People Israel, now identified as prophesied, and that it should include exposingrepparttar 149844 European Beast as a Satanic system opposed to God's saints and government.

IF God preferred that we stuck to a general message of salvation rather than to warn about a specific POLITICO-RELIGIOUS POWER rising in Europe, then He wouldn't have given us such inspired details inrepparttar 149845 Bible! Those who think otherwise are vainly dismissingrepparttar 149846 Prophets and Revelation as unnecessary! They think they're so smart but actually they're fools! (Rom. 1:22; Job 38:2). God knows what He's doing! Anyone can preach a generic message, but onlyrepparttar 149847 Children of Light can understandrepparttar 149848 fine print in God's Word and reveal His Secrets to mankind!

Allrepparttar 149849 magicians inrepparttar 149850 times of Joseph and Daniel put together couldn't providerepparttar 149851 right answer torepparttar 149852 questions of their day, yet those two witnesses gave Godrepparttar 149853 glory and revealed truth that could only come from God! (Gen. 41; Dan. 2:30). Likewise, God expects us to share HIS DIVINE REVELATION (Isa. 48:6). This deeper understanding and special relationship with God and His Word ought to be evident to outsiders as something truly unique (Deut. 4:6-7; Jn. 15:15).

May God's Church sharerepparttar 149854 complete teachings of Yashua, His full gospel - individual and national - with allrepparttar 149855 world. Those priceless teachings aboutrepparttar 149856 Kingdom of God, faith and forgiveness, also warn about frightening events that will signalrepparttar 149857 end of this age and help usher inrepparttar 149858 Wonderful World Tomorrow.

May we faithfully explainrepparttar 149859 spiritual significance of today's bad news (throughrepparttar 149860 light of Bible prophecy) and emphasizerepparttar 149861 GOOD NEWS that we have a Savior from sin and a Deliverer from men!

Come Lord Jesus! Hosanna inrepparttar 149862 Highest!

David Ben-Ariel, an American author who has travelled widely and who has lived throughout Israel, shares a special focus on the Middle East and great interest in Jerusalem, reflected in hard-hitting articles that help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out www.benariel.com

Treachery in the Midst of the Land

Written by Maureen Metcalf

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Victory is assured, not because of man's doings, but becauserepparttar L_RD will bring it to pass!

In light ofrepparttar 149707 current situation in Israel, Isaiah chapter 14 is particularly interesting. Isaiah 14:29 "Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, becauserepparttar 149708 rod of him that smote thee is broken: for out ofrepparttar 149709 serpent's root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent." Isa 14:30 Andrepparttar 149710 firstborn ofrepparttar 149711 poor shall feed, andrepparttar 149712 needy shall lie down in safety: and I will kill thy root with famine, and he shall slay thy remnant. Isa 14:31 Howl, O gate; cry, O city; thou, whole Palestina, art dissolved: for there shall come fromrepparttar 149713 north a smoke, and none shall be alone in his appointed times. Isa 14:32 What shall one then answerrepparttar 149714 messengers ofrepparttar 149715 nation? Thatrepparttar 149716 LORD hath founded Zion, andrepparttar 149717 poor of his people shall trust in it.

Who isrepparttar 149718 serpent? He is described in this same chapter in verses 12-15 as being Lucifer, who fell from heaven, and came to weakenrepparttar 149719 nations because he has an ego problem. He has a plan and mission to exalt himself above G_d. Where does he choose to carry out this mission? Verses 13 and 14 of Isaiah 14 states, For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne aboverepparttar 149720 stars of God: I will sit also uponrepparttar 149721 mount ofrepparttar 149722 congregation, inrepparttar 149723 sides ofrepparttar 149724 north: Isa 14:14 I will ascend aboverepparttar 149725 heights ofrepparttar 149726 clouds; I will be likerepparttar 149727 most High.

He launches his planned take-over from a position of authority, headquartered from "the Mount ofrepparttar 149728 congregation, " withrepparttar 149729 ultimate goal to rise aboverepparttar 149730 clouds, and aboverepparttar 149731 Most High in Heaven. Where isrepparttar 149732 mount ofrepparttar 149733 congregation, inrepparttar 149734 sides ofrepparttar 149735 north? It isrepparttar 149736 Temple Mount! Who occupiesrepparttar 149737 Temple Mount? The Muslims! So what religious orientation will producerepparttar 149738 one who obviously will be indwelt by Lucifer? Islam! He isrepparttar 149739 "cockatrice" who arises fromrepparttar 149740 "serpent" and becomes powerful as "the fiery flying serpent." He will have a very brief time of power, but will be defeated byrepparttar 149741 L_RD. Why does this personage chooserepparttar 149742 Temple Mount? He is trying to usurprepparttar 149743 rule and reign ofrepparttar 149744 rightful Ruler, and King of Israel, Messiah. And, he does not recognizerepparttar 149745 L_RD G_D of Israel!! He does not recognizerepparttar 149746 claim ofrepparttar 149747 Jews to Mount Zion, but rather wishes to eliminate any recollection ofrepparttar 149748 Jews having any claim torepparttar 149749 Land, or torepparttar 149750 Temple Mount, or to Jerusalem. Is this notrepparttar 149751 stance ofrepparttar 149752 Muslims even now?

The "treachery" is anyone in Israel giving any recognition to those who wish to perpetraterepparttar 149753 diabolical plot, and in turning any portion ofrepparttar 149754 Land over to such enemies! Ariel Sharon and his henchmen, both within Israel, and in concert withrepparttar 149755 international leaders, are on a very dangerous "Roadmap Plan!!"

But, notice who is not to rejoice. "Palestina". Who is "Palestina?" Palestine. Where, and what, is "Palestine?" 'Palestine" isrepparttar 149756 namerepparttar 149757 Arabs have chosen to identifyrepparttar 149758 region ofrepparttar 149759 Middle East thatrepparttar 149760 Arab Palestinians claim is theirs, and wish to wrest from Israel, fromrepparttar 149761 People ofrepparttar 149762 Covenant. So, it isrepparttar 149763 Palestinians who are not to rejoice! Why?

To answer that question, back up to verse 1 ofrepparttar 149764 Isaiah chapter 14. "Forrepparttar 149765 LORD will have mercy on Jacob, and will yet choose Israel, and set them in their own land." Keep in mindrepparttar 149766 context ofrepparttar 149767 passage, which is regardingrepparttar 149768 restoration of Jacob torepparttar 149769 Land forever, so is not ancient in prophetic orientation, but describesrepparttar 149770 re-establishment of Israel as a nation inrepparttar 149771 time ofrepparttar 149772 end, which speaks to our generation.

It is how this restoration is to be accomplished that is prophetic forrepparttar 149773 period we now face. Isaiah indicated many people and nations, willingly, and unwillingly, will be involved in restoringrepparttar 149774 land of Israel torepparttar 149775 Jews. This restoration of Israel has been, and continues to be, orchestrated byrepparttar 149776 L_RD Himself! Inrepparttar 149777 course ofrepparttar 149778 re-establishment of Israel as a nation,repparttar 149779 opposition arises through a specific group of people who identify themselves with "Palestine." These will believe they will have reason to rejoice, but just when they think their goals are achievable,repparttar 149780 tables will turn!

However, if we read carefully, we realizerepparttar 149781 restoration of Israel includes much conflict. Israel is embroiled in this prophetic period of conflict right now! Sincerepparttar 149782 Word ofrepparttar 149783 L_RD through Isaiahrepparttar 149784 prophet is tellingrepparttar 149785 Palestinians not to rejoice, there must be situations which, in human terms, could possibly give them reason to rejoice, except that G_d will not let their goals be permanently realized!

So, who is being "treacherous?" Ariel Sharon and his crew! Who isrepparttar 149786 enemy? The Palestinians and their allies. Who will win? The L_RD G_d of Israel!

Take heart. Strengthen your faith!

Maureen Metcalf is author of "The Final Schedule Revealed: In the Fall Feasts and Festivals" http://teshuvatrumpet.org

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