Go Offline and Increase Your Traffic

Written by Terri Seymour

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Letterheads - You should have your url and logo on all printed materials that leave your home/office. Have your url stamped on all envelopes and letters and anything else you mail out.

Coupons - Print out coupons that offer discounts or freebies for anyone who visits your site from that coupon. Post these on bulletin boards, put them in all your outgoing mail, etc.

Freebies - Offer freebies from your site that have your url printed on them, such as ink pens, coffee mugs, matchbooks, calendars, etc. Lots of these items get seen by many people.

Find out more about offline promotion:

http://www.web-sitepromotion.com/offline.htm http://www.digital-women.com/unique.htm http://www.bjweb.com/mktg_guide6.htm

There are tons of ways to promote your online business offline. Expand onrepparttar ideas I have listed and really use your creative imagination. Bring more traffic to your site by going offline!

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Internet Promotion: Off-Line Site Promotion

Written by Richard Lowe

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- Flyers are cheap and easy to hand out.

- Direct mail tends to be expensive, but if you haverepparttar right mailing listsrepparttar 124485 payoff can be very high.

- Go to conventions and other special events and pass out your business card and flyers.

- Make up refrigerator magnets, pencils or other small items with your credentials and pass them out.

- Get another business to include your flyer or promotional material in their packages.

- Teach a class and pass out your materials.

- Get mouse pads made up and give them away.

Be creative. There are hundreds and hundreds of other ways to advertise your business offrepparttar 124486 internet. And these can be extremely effective at building traffic and generating sales.

Conventions which pertain to your industry or group can be an exceptionally rich source of leads and new advertising. If you go to those events, remember your goal is to make contacts and spreadrepparttar 124487 word about your site, products or services. Mill around, talk to people, and make sure they leave with your printed materials. In other words, network, network, network.

Small classified advertisements in magazines and newspapers can also be great sources of traffic to your site. Remember, however, to be very cautious and not spend much money on this form of promotion until you find a formula that works. In other words, place small, experimental ads here and there until you findrepparttar 124488 ones that producerepparttar 124489 desired results.

Nothing beats getting a mention on a newspaper or magazine. In fact,repparttar 124490 traffic created by a brief mention in a good-sized newspaper can be huge enough (although of very short duration) to overwhelm a site for a time.

In summary, remember there is more to life thanrepparttar 124491 internet. Believe it or note, most people actually don't spend every waking moment in front of a computer screen. By cautiously taking advantage of this, you can get more people to your site than you might think.

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