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Written by Rosalind Gardner

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So let's take your interest in sports a step further and define it as particular interest inrepparttar spectator sports; baseball, football, soccer and hockey.

How about sports trading cards? They're small to store as inventory and inexpensive to ship, which makes them a good mail order product.

A quick peek at Overture reveals that searches in April 2003 for 'baseball cards' exceeded 42,000, 'sport cards' had 10,338 queries and 'sports memorabilia' was searched for 10,649 times.

Come up with a list of highly targeted keywords and you'll soon reach that lofty number of 800,000 .... but all of whom have a specific focus, and a PROVEN interest in your product.

Set yourself apart even further.

Rather than competing directly with ten or twenty advertisers at Overture who also sell trading cards, you could write a report or small ebook called "Collectors Secrets Revealed: How to Make a Fortune with Sports Trading Cards". Not only would you sellrepparttar 102469 report from your own site, you could also joint venture with some of those other advertisers and have them promote your report on their sites. Everybody wins!

Afterrepparttar 102470 ball is rolling on your sports card trading site, it's time to build another niche site in a non-competing topic. And then another. The key to success for small online businesses is to build a number of highly targeted sites across a diverse array of topics. Therefore, if one topic experiences a seasonal or market-induced drop in traffic, repparttar 102471 others will continue to generate income.

Yes,repparttar 102472 niche marketing method requires somewhat more effort than building one site with a hundred banners, but it's alsorepparttar 102473 method that makes a profit. Either way takes work - you might as well make your work profitable.

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How to Boost Your Affiliate Earnings in 3 Easy Steps

Written by Pencil Dude

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As a result, instead of advertising an offer that probably would have flopped, I ended up selling several pieces of software that week and got myself a nice check inrepparttar mail.

3. Spread The Word.

Get an ad into your own e-zine, rotate that ad for a few issues and see how it does, and then when you've got a winning responsive ad, try some other e-zines that would be a good match forrepparttar 102468 product that you're advertising.

Here'srepparttar 102469 one that really works well for me. Send out a solo mailing to your opt-in ezine list.

There are two key elements as to why this works so well. If you've been building a good subscriber list, they're more inclined to listen to what you have to say than some stranger that they run across somewhere onrepparttar 102470 web. For me there is an additional factor here. My list tends to be more receptive to solo ads because I don't send them a lot of solo mailings inrepparttar 102471 first place. So, they're less inclined to say "Oh no not another one - Delete!"

The second reason, and this is perhapsrepparttar 102472 more important one - I personalize it. This doesn't mean that I address everyone by their name, (although that would really helpful but my list server is kind of behindrepparttar 102473 times :-) ). What I mean, is thatrepparttar 102474 e-mail reads less of an ad and is more conversational in tone. "Advertorial" isrepparttar 102475 correct term for this type of an ad I believe.

It comes off far more believable than most ofrepparttar 102476 ads out there. Instead of pushing against a brick wall and saying "Here's a big long ad - read it and buy what I'm flogging", I'm dropping in for a friendly chat with a neat suggestion or answer to your problem, want, or need. It works great!

There you have it - Three easy steps to help boost your affiliate earnings. Implement them and you'll be onrepparttar 102477 road to seeing better results.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Pencil Dude aka Robin Forbes isrepparttar 102478 Proud Publisher of Pencil Dude's Picks http://pencildude.com/ and is onrepparttar 102479 road to affiliate success.

Check outrepparttar 102480 simple tools and resources that he uses to make his ezine profitable: http://pencildude.net/ = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Pencil Dude aka Robin Forbes is the Proud Publisher of Pencil Dude's Picks http://pencildude.com/ and is on the road to affiliate success.

Check out the simple tools and resources that he uses to make his ezine profitable: http://pencildude.net/

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