Global Dumbing?

Written by Gary Whittaker

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Global Dimming isrepparttar best example yet. Scientists have started to look at how it has become increasing dimmer onrepparttar 110101 planet. Sunlight is not getting through as it once used to. It is only normal to think that whatever is keepingrepparttar 110102 sunlight out, must be keepingrepparttar 110103 heat in. And whatever is keepingrepparttar 110104 sunlight out is not necessarily providing us with a layer of protection. More likely, it is beginning to coat our planet with more harmful cancer causing radiation.

While I do not profess to hold a degree in science, I do profess to hold common sense. All science has done is identify several situations, but has done nothing to confirm how we got their, and what we need to do to get back to where we were. My belief is that there may be too much corporate interference for any decisive action to be taken. And forrepparttar 110105 companies who will continue to pollute our environment that is as good as winning. The worst thing that we can do as a population, is not add Global Dumbing torepparttar 110106 list. Get smart, take action. You may not be able to make a difference individually, but together, you can effect change. We may always live in a world that separatesrepparttar 110107 rich fromrepparttar 110108 poor, but that does not mean that we have to accept how those in power secure their wealth.

·Take public transit ·By hybrid cars. Createrepparttar 110109 market and force companies to move away from their alliances with Oil Companies, and forge new ones with alternate energy sources ·Get more active, in physically, with your family, and in your community ·Read labels and ask questions ·Write to your representative

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Weather affects every aspect of the economy

Written by Chris Orr

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Let me pose a question to you…how much do you thinkrepparttar weather affects your daily schedule? Now, I don't mean being a minute late to work because you had to run back inrepparttar 110100 house and grab an umbrella, but how doesrepparttar 110101 weather seriously impact your plans? Are you flying anywhere this summer? Fog, thunderstorms, freezing rain and heavy snow still halt flights and probably will for many years. It is just too dangerous to fly in any of those conditions. You'd think that with all of our technology we could fly aircraft into any sort of weather! You can avoidrepparttar 110102 inconvenience of flight delays by planning aroundrepparttar 110103 weather. Fog is most common in late fall and early spring, and usually lifts to a tolerable level by 10 a.m. Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City and San Francisco get a lot of early morning fog duringrepparttar 110104 winter. Plan to arrive at those destinations duringrepparttar 110105 afternoon to avoid flight delays.

Onrepparttar 110106 other hand, summer thunderstorms rattlerepparttar 110107 windows around Denver duringrepparttar 110108 late afternoon and evening, while Phoenix sees windy evening thunderstorms. Arrive by mid afternoon to avoid these nuisance storms. If you are heading intorepparttar 110109 Midwest, thunderstorms tend to roll into Chicago and St. Louis after midnight, delaying red-eye flights. Just a little planning will save yourepparttar 110110 hassle of finding something to do atrepparttar 110111 airport while waiting forrepparttar 110112 next flight, or worse yet, missing a connecting flight and ruining your vacation.

Did you know that today's weather will affectrepparttar 110113 aches and pains you will feel in two or three days? At least that is what some physicians believe. I always thought today's weather brought me today's aches and pains, but it appearsrepparttar 110114 human body has a lag time of several days. It is possible to predict when you and I will feel these aches, pains and migraines a day or two in advance. Think of how wonderful it will be inrepparttar 110115 future when you can callrepparttar 110116 doctor andrepparttar 110117 appointment desk will have an opening available for you because your medical records matchedrepparttar 110118 criteria for today's aches-and-pains index!

The use of weather information goes far beyond, "partly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of rain." The price of food andrepparttar 110119 convenience of having items stocked at your store,repparttar 110120 mini-golf place open when you'd like to go andrepparttar 110121 supply of electricity for your home are all governed byrepparttar 110122 weather. Your physical health is affected byrepparttar 110123 weather. Many ofrepparttar 110124 things you will do this day will be based onrepparttar 110125 weather - past, present and future.

Chris Orr is a Certified Consulting Meteorologist with more than 25 years of experience. His private practice includes work as an expert witness, weather forecasting and forecaster training. His column appears in the Rapid City Journal every Sunday. He can be contacted at or through his Web site .

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