Give your relationship a workout

Written by Kwame DeRoche

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But now what? You can’t exactly start listing allrepparttar things you may have done wrong, hoping to hitrepparttar 118305 right one. Because you may end up listing something that he or she doesn’t know about. How much would that suck? She’s pissed off because you forgot your 3-month anniversary, but you apologize for scratching her car. He didn’t want chicken for dinner again, and you blurt out that you’re boinking his best friend. From here on out, this workout is one we like to callrepparttar 118306 back-pedal. It mainly worksrepparttar 118307 brain andrepparttar 118308 tongue. And rest assured, you’ll really work up a sweat with this one. Depending on what you blurt out (and your back-pedal technique), you may actually get to work your upper body as you pack and move your bags.

Another approach is to flatly apologize for whatever you did, even if you have no clue as to what your offense was. Ifrepparttar 118309 other party is easily dazed or confused, this may work in conjunction with a quick change in subject, or ‘jazz hands.’ It works particularly well if you throw in somethingrepparttar 118310 other party really likes. An example?

‘Well, whatever I did, I’m sorry. Want to get a sundae at Dairy Queen?’

‘I didn’t mean it. Want some Prada shoes?’ (Thenrepparttar 118311 ‘jazz hands’)

This is a nice, quick, low-impact workout. However, if your partner is quick-witted, you may still have to resort torepparttar 118312 back-pedal. If they’re pros, they’ll getrepparttar 118313 shoes orrepparttar 118314 sundae from you, never verbally accept your apology, and pick up where you left off as soon as you get home.

Just a couple of examples for you. I’m sure you’ve got your own workouts, too, but I’ll still argue that hot monkey lovin’ isrepparttar 118315 way to go.

Oh yeah. One last thing. If at any point during your relationship, you ‘feelrepparttar 118316 burn,’ you might want to visit a clinic.


That’srepparttar 118317 rant.

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There Was A Time, When........

Written by (Pat @Maxaid)

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There was a time when "Free" really meant Free, no strings attached.

There was a time when "Tons" was a unit of weight measure.

There was a time when "FFA" meant "Future Farmers of America".

There was a time when "Private Members Club" was Tues. night poker.

There was a time when " If You had told me I'd be doing this now" I would've told you, that you were a prime candidate forrepparttar Looney Bin :-)

Pat @Maxaid - Publisher of Maxaid News The Un-Ordinary Ezine, The whole Truth and nothing butrepparttar 118304 Truth, about marketing online. Subscribe at

Pat @Maxaid - Publisher of Maxaid News The Un-Ordinary Ezine, The whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, about marketing online. Subscribe at

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