Give Your Visitors a Free Email Course

Written by David McKenzie

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This could be your own product or a product you resell as an affiliate in an affiliate program. Both work equally as well.

When people read your valuable information in your email course they are MUCH MORE LIKELY to buy than if they just visited your web site. I know this is a fact because it has been my personal experience.

Have you noticed how popular free email courses have become lately?

Well, now you know why. They really work and they really produce excellent results. I can guarantee your conversion ratios will increase.

So if you are NOT offering a free email course you are missing out on additional opportunities to make sales.

You can set up your own free email course with one ofrepparttar free autoresponder services at or

Start your email course today!

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The Perfect Email Ad!

Written by A.T.Rendon

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The other "Key" element of, "A Perfect Email Ad" is to include an email link in your message!

Yes, you could include a web site address, likerepparttar email message withrepparttar 109606 3 short words inrepparttar 109607 Title that got me to pay them a visit.

But, placing an email contact for those interested to click for further info will provide you with something a web site can not give you - a way to contact your prospect again.

If you send out an ad with a web site address, even if your prospect does visit your web site and then leaves, how can you do a follow-up message to that prospect?

If you first get their email address, then send themrepparttar 109608 web site address, then you will be able to send them out a follow-up email message to help entice them to visit again for a possible sale.

And, what would berepparttar 109609 "Perfect Follow-up" torepparttar 109610 "Perfect Email Ad"?

Respond with a short email message that is no more than 5 lines of text long and DO include your web site URL in this email message for people to pay you a visit.

If they just have your web site URL, they can easily visit and you might very well NEVER hear from them again.

But since you now have their email address, you can do a follow-up email message to them in about 3 to 5 days to keep your offer fresh on their minds.

Do NOT makerepparttar 109611 mistake and do follow-up in just one day because many people set aside their email to read for another day.

Don't you find it annoying when someone starts bombarding you with follow-up emails on a daily basis?

Give your prospects time to be impressed with your first message.

Userepparttar 109612 "KEY" elements of, "A Perfect Email Ad", and you will find it brings you more response and success than you can imagine.

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