Give Them More Than a Sales Pitch

Written by Ron Sathoff

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Another added benefit to this approach is that it will help build your credibility, especially if you are offering useful advice or information. If you can provide your customers with information that makes their lives easier, they will be grateful to you, and will see you as someone who is worth listening to. Keep giving your customers this kind of service, and they may actually start looking forward to getting your messages -- imagine THAT happening with a standard email sales letter!

As email becomes more and more popular, competition for our customers' valuable time will become keener. One ofrepparttar best ways to distinguish ourselves from our competitors is to provide information that goes beyond just "the sale." By going beyondrepparttar 127491 immediate chance to profit, we can build relationships that can be mutually profitable to all involved for a long time.

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How To Use The Telephone To Find The Right Person And Make The Sale

Written by Ron Sathoff and Kevin Nunley

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4. Ask WHEN they will be ready to act. They may say I need it now. Or they may let you know they are nowhere near ready to buy. Either way, a surprising number of prospects will give you a very precise idea of their intentions if you ask this pointed question.

5. Ifrepparttar prospect or his assistant tells you this isn't a good time to talk, offer two dates and times for you to call back. Rather than saying I'll call back another time, setting a date and time gives you an appointment.

6. Did you get an answering machine or voice mail? Don't just leave your name and number. Record a short sales pitch.

"Ralph! This is Linda May at Tagline. I want to give you a discount on our new system that improves profits 20 percent. Reach me at.... I'm in all day today."

7. People who can place orders are invariably busy. You may find your prospect is trying to handle interruptions and problems while he is talking to you. If there appears to be a serious distraction going on, say it sounds like you've got a lot going on. How 'bout I call back in 30 minutes or an hour?

The prospect will appreciate you giving him a chance to get things back to normal. And by offering to call back a short time later, you keeprepparttar 127490 prospect from putting you off indefinitely.

8. Finally, keep notes about your conversation. You will look organized and professional for being able to pick up whererepparttar 127491 previous conversation left offrepparttar 127492 next time you call.

Many managers are up their eyeballs in responsibility and love it when you help them keeprepparttar 127493 project organized.

You can also make notes about a prospects favorite project or personal life. Natalie, I remember your son is graduating this semester. Being able to remember little things like that endear you torepparttar 127494 customer and often become a key factor in getting yourepparttar 127495 sale.

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