Give Me $1 And I'll Have A Powerful Marketing Weapon

Written by Al Martinovic

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Don't copyrepparttar headline word for word but rather use it as a reference and change it around to suit your own business. You'll find that many great headlines are actually recycled.

But don't stop there! If you are reading ad copy and come across a great word or phrase... write it down!

Again, eventually you'll have pages of words and phrases to choose from when writing ad copy. It is also useful when you have writers block. You can just open your trusty notebook and use a line or two andrepparttar 108137 next thing you knowrepparttar 108138 next paragraph writes itself.

These are just a few ofrepparttar 108139 ideas that I store in my trusty little notebook(s).

So get yourself a notebook or two and start storing your ideas. You'll be surprised at how often you will refer to it. And if you're like me, that notebook will never leave your side when you are marketing.

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Manipulate Your Visitors With Reverse Psychology

Written by Rich Hamilton, Jr

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Not many people use an opening statement in their sales copy. The opening statement is a only a couple of sentences that are before your attention grabbing headline. The opening statement is used to setrepparttar stage for your attention grabbing headline.

One ofrepparttar 108136 first opening statements I used in my sales copy was: Before you think about listening to another so-called expert, you need to read this first... It seemed like everyone was using this opening statement, so I used reverse psychology and came up with: The so-called experts are getting nervous.... This made my conservation rate triple, because people wanted to know whyrepparttar 108137 experts were getting nervous.

When you are establishing your credibility, every sales letter always talks about how successful they are and not how they got there. People are reactive towards realistic situations, in my sales copy I talked about how in debt I used to be and how I had no money to market with. This insured my visitor that I knew how they felt. I've been there and you can promote your web site without paying a cent for advertising, because I did it.

Other people would rather brag how much money they are making, people don't react well to braggers. Just because someone makes a lot of money, doesn't mean they know what your talking about, or doing for that matter. People love stories, it pulls them right in, especially if it's a story they can relate to.

Another area where reverse psychology works great, is in your guarantee. Having a strong guarantee isrepparttar 108138 most important element of your sales copy, without it no one will buy from you, period. When you are presenting your guarantee, make it risk free and reverserepparttar 108139 risk.

Comfort your visitor by reversingrepparttar 108140 risk, insure them that you have more to lose out ofrepparttar 108141 deal than they do. How? Well, you arerepparttar 108142 product creator, your name and reputaion are onrepparttar 108143 line. If you create a poor product, then it will reflect on your credibility.

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