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Written by Jesse S. Somer

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So One click gives 1.1 cups of staple food torepparttar hungry. Well, at one ofrepparttar 144912 affiliate sites (similar concept), click onrepparttar 144913 button called, 'Save Our Rainforests: Click here', and 'Thank you! Your click has fundedrepparttar 144914 preservation of 11.4 square feet of endangered rainforest. Please click every day and supportrepparttar 144915 sponsors below, who pay for your gift.' comes up onrepparttar 144916 screen. On June 01 alone, visitors who clicked on this button protected 1,025,008 square feet of endangered land. The site stipulates that they give 100% of collected revenue from sponsor banner advertising to their charity partners, who use it to protect wilderness land. Sincerepparttar 144917 site's advent in 2000, 1.2 billion square feet (29,000 acres) of endangered forestland has been protected and preserved.

There are four other sites built out of this same construct: who fund free mammograms, who help provide basic health services to children aroundrepparttar 144918 world, who provide books for children, and who give food and care to rescued animals in shelters and sanctuaries.

I really think that these sites are an incredible step forward in showing that people in our society are becoming more aware and compassionate in relation torepparttar 144919 world around them Have a look at some of these sites and see just how easy it has become to lend a helping hand torepparttar 144920 Earth andrepparttar 144921 marginalised people and creatures who share its magical life force.

Jesse S. Somer M6.Net Jesse S. Somer hears a lot about how people do wrong in life, but after seeing the ingenuity that humanity used to make these websites, you have to admire the wisdom and compassion that many of us are learning.


Written by Ashish Jain

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Number of active phishing sites reported in March, 2005: 2870 Number of brands hijacked by phishing campaigns: 78 Contains some form of target name in URL: 31% Country hostingrepparttar most number of phishing sites: United States of America Source:

Phishing attacks can be really sophisticated. Some time ago a flaw in Internet Explorer allowed hackers to display a false address while redirectingrepparttar 144911 user to an entirely different site making it almost impossible to distinguish a phishing attack from a legitimate email.

Possible solutions:

New technologies can provide a better means of countering phishers. One option being explored by a lot of banks isrepparttar 144912 use of a secure token, a small electronic gadget that generates a unique password to be entered each time a user logs ontorepparttar 144913 web site. This would make a phishing attack useless because withoutrepparttar 144914 physical possession of a token it is impossible to accessrepparttar 144915 account. This approach is somewhat similar to what is used at Automated Teller Machines aroundrepparttar 144916 world where you need to have bothrepparttar 144917 card andrepparttar 144918 Pin number in order to userepparttar 144919 machine.

One option is to use a technology popularly knows as PassMarks that effectively acts as a second password. After enteringrepparttar 144920 user name a unique image pre selected byrepparttar 144921 user is displayed before s/he is asked forrepparttar 144922 password. Ifrepparttar 144923 proper image is not displayedrepparttar 144924 user will come to know that s/he is not onrepparttar 144925 authentic site. Another option that a lot of organizations are exploring is using text messages instead of email messages. Text messages cost money to send, so Spammers are less likely to partake inrepparttar 144926 process making it easier to distinguish between legitimate messages and fakes.

Ashish Jain M6.Net

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