Girls Like Them Fast And Furious Too!

Written by Sue DeFiore

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My dad showed me how to change my oil and filter, and to take care of my car. We also worked onrepparttar brakes and much more together. I would spend a whole day, cleaning, washing and waxing that car. It wasrepparttar 148857 perfect car for my “lead foot”. I can’t countrepparttar 148858 number of cars that would pull up next to me, and reeve up their engines thinking “It’s a girl, she’ll never beat me offrepparttar 148859 line”! Well, how wrong they were. I can count on one hand those that took me offrepparttar 148860 line!

I hung around with a group of friends, mostly guys, but some girls also. The cars were varied, Mustangs, Vettes, Chargers, Chevelle’s and a multitude of street cars. We all loved cars and driving them, and especially driving them to their limits. Which we did! Did us girls always beatrepparttar 148861 guys, nah, but it was sure fun when we did!

So remember, next time you come up next to a lady driver, “Girls like them Fast and Furious Too!

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Wal-Mart Jobs: Drive Trucks for Wal-Mart for Wal-Mart Employment Benefits

Written by Margaret Wommack

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Wal-Mart also requires that drivers have

• No DUI’s or related incidents inrepparttar last 5 years

• No felonies inrepparttar 148793 last 5 years

• No drug or violent related felonies ever

• No more than 3 moving violations inrepparttar 148794 last 3 years

• No more than 2 accidents inrepparttar 148795 last 2 years

Wal-Mart is looking for permanent placement of drivers, and they will receive full benefits after 60 days, and 401k savings start immediately.


Find a Trucking Job for a Private Carrier at

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