Giligan finds God

Written by Greg Ryan

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But miraculously this is aboutrepparttar time God tends to show up, so we think. We finally have been forced to stop trying to do it ourselves; our arms and self-centered attitudes have been beaten down torepparttar 148415 point of total emotional exhaustion. We feel we just canít do this alone and we decide that our prideful nature has gottenrepparttar 148416 best of us, and our way is really getting us nowhere. It is only then, that we become still in our hearts and start to listen for that quiet voice of God, who really has been there all along. When God sees this he reaches out his hand and pulls us out to safety and strengthens us with peace once again. Hopefully, by our own experiences in life we learn from this old boy Gilligan; living for another episode of life taking us that much closer intorepparttar 148417 presents of God. Points to Ponder: Are you growing impatient with God about something in your life? Are you not trusting him enough and haverepparttar 148418 attitude that you can do it yourself? Do you hear Godís still quiet voice speaking to your heart, but avoiding it? The Challenge: This week take your worries, write them down on paper. (Be specific) crumplerepparttar 148419 paper in your hands and throw it inrepparttar 148420 trashcan. This will be a symbol of you trusting God to pull you out of your quicksand pit. The key is to leave them inrepparttar 148421 trash. If you donít God canít help you according to his word. We live by faith not by sight!

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Jesus wants A Few Good Men

Written by Greg Ryan

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ďA few good men thatís all. A few good people who will honor me whenrepparttar good times roll. A few that will stand on that wall for truth conveyed through biblical code. And just give me a few that will be loyal torepparttar 148414 end through times of adversity.Ē That is what Jesus says and wants from us today.

You will not be able to find a more honorable, loyal and mentally strong person inrepparttar 148415 entire universe than in Jesus Christ. His very CORE values of why we exist stands on a firm foundation of; Honor and love to his father, code inrepparttar 148416 truth of his word, and loyalty to us in his promises of his returning. If you want anyone on your side and on top of that wall it would be a man whom has already given his life and that is Jesus Christ. No matter what each one of our missionís are in life or what war we are fighting withrepparttar 148417 devil, itís Jesus who isrepparttar 148418 first one by our side andrepparttar 148419 last one to leave. And I bet if you asked Jesus today why did he do it? Why did you lay down your life for us, he would sayrepparttar 148420 same, ďItís not about politics, pride or pillage, itís about love for those standing on that wall for me. Itís about love for those speakingrepparttar 148421 truth on my behalf and itís for those loyal to me torepparttar 148422 very end. Thatís why I did it, I did it for love.

Today, God is saying to all of us ďAll I want are a few good men.Ē Is Jesus speaking to your heart today? This week you may do battle; you may not be given credit for something you deserve,repparttar 148423 devil may place doubt in your mind about gods word or someone close to you betrays or is disloyal to you. Stand tall on top of that wall, be willing to speakrepparttar 148424 truth in Love and be willing to gorepparttar 148425 extra mile out of loyalty. It will be then you will hear him say in heaven well done good a faithful soldier.

Never forget we are at war not only with terrorism but withrepparttar 148426 devil. He wants our hearts and minds. However, let us remind him to that we have Jesus onrepparttar 148427 wall for us, we have Jesus on our side to fight each battle we face. This week may bring you a battle or two but just remember our battle has already been fought for us throughrepparttar 148428 blood shed on Calvary.

Have a great week.

Greg Ryan is a High Profile fitness expert best selling author of faith based and fitness books and is as former employee of Kathy. For FREE mini course on how to LOSE WEIGHT NOW the right way clich here

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