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3) Appropriate in Cost: The gift needs to remain preportional torepparttar value of each customer in terms of returns. ( Don't forget referrals here. If you have a customer that only purchases $100 annually but has given you 30 referrals that amount to $8,000 in sales, showrepparttar 147544 customer appropriate appreciation for those referrals.) Of courserepparttar 147545 cost ofrepparttar 147546 gift should be in direct relationship torepparttar 147547 amount of purchase. If your auto shop just sold a $20 oil change to a customer you aren't going to give them a $5 dollar gift certificate. But your client just purchased a $1,000,000 home from you they probably won't be impressed with a Home Depot $25 gift certificate. That is why it is so important to figurerepparttar 147548 cost in as a part of doing business. If you have been going "paycheck to paycheck" and are strapped for cash when you make a sizable sale and allrepparttar 147549 profits of that sale need to go to pay bills then you will be losingrepparttar 147550 opportunity to secure that customers loyalty. The cost of gifting needs to be set aside and used promptly to let clients know you appreciate their business. If you wait untilrepparttar 147551 end ofrepparttar 147552 year, they may have moved on to another company and you have lost them as a client. Its too little too late.

4) Branding: Finally, don't missrepparttar 147553 opportunity to brand your company through your gifts. If you sell office copiers, your gift might include a maintance service or monthly paper supplies, or a free toner. When your client thinks copiers make sure he thinks of your company only. Make your clients rave about how you "take care" of them. They will come to depend on you for your service and expertise as well as your products.

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Packing Material That's Cheap!

Written by Michael Temple

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4. Put a note inrepparttar box that you pack that basically says: "We are conscious ofrepparttar 147543 environment! Your item has been packed in all natural popcorn using a method that is non-greasy and environmentally safe. Please feed torepparttar 147544 birds or re-use at your discretion. Thank-you!"

I have used all natural popcorn on many occasions with a good deal of success. There are products that you may not want to pack in popcorn. Things like ephemera and other items that are permeable to smell may not be something that you will want to chance packing in popcorn. Keep in mind, if it can soak in a smell, it can soak in a popcorn odor. Make decisions with care!

Michael Temple is a retired auctioneer and author of the e-book "Buying Fresh Antiques - 16 Ways to Increase Your Opportunities No Matter Where You Live." His web site Antique Power Dealer is popular among antique dealers and enthusiasts. Antique Power Dealer

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