Gifts of the Inner Voice

Written by Ellen Zucker

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Upon awakening, while still dwelling in that netherworld between consciousness and unconsciousness,repparttar neatly packaged solution to some petty problem floats up into my mind. Whole articles with their sentences quietly arranged in perfect rows hang inrepparttar 141692 air.

A perfect turn of a phrase,repparttar 141693 solution to a knotty problem with a difficult client,repparttar 141694 working out ofrepparttar 141695 composition of an illustration such jewls arerepparttar 141696 gifts ofrepparttar 141697 inner mind.

They are fragile bubbles that pop when exposed torepparttar 141698 direct morning sun. The trick is to capturerepparttar 141699 quiet voices before they are drowned byrepparttar 141700 noise of daily activity.

By extendingrepparttar 141701 quiet time a little longer I can sit at my computer and transcribe those thoughts.

Some say artists and intuitives hear it loudest. But we all have an inner voice. And it speaks to us. All we must do is listen.

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How do you honor yourself each day?

Written by Judi Singleton

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1) When you make decisions in life are they made out of guilt, obligation or duty. When you make decisions based onrepparttar above all you have to give torepparttar 141669 other person is guilt, pity, and a sense that they are a burden. This is not honoring them or yourself.

2) Are you honoring yourself by taking care what you eat, exercising, having relaxation time, taking vacations. How can you do a better job of this even in baby steps?

3) Do you love your work? If not how could you loverepparttar 141670 work you have to do now and increase your satisfaction in doing it. Do you feel like you know your lifes purpose? Do you have goals you are fullfilling a little each day?

4) Are you being honored (appreciated and respected) by your employer andrepparttar 141671 people you work with?

5) Are you honoring yourself? Are you paying attention to your own needs and wants?

You are meant to live a joyful and authentic life, knowing who you are and honoringrepparttar 141672 very core of self, a life that makes you thrive by nourishing your heart, expanding your mind, and growing your soul. A life that is free from what others think, a life that empowers you to be who you really are.

Go and live it.

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