Giclee printing advantages

Written by Fabio Bragha

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Below is a dramatic representation of color gamuts. (Note: The image is just for representation and does not apply to real world processes: gamut tables do have varied and complex patterns).

Typically it is very hard for printers to reproduce all colors as saturation increases. As we go towardrepparttar edges saturation and brilliance increase and mechanical reproduction fails. Giclee printing can capture more colors. Even a 4 color Giclee printer has a better gamut than lithographs due torepparttar 146015 brilliance ofrepparttar 146016 pigments used. Our 7 inks printer goes beyond by adding a light black, light magenta and light cyan torepparttar 146017 mix. Keep in mind that there is a limit torepparttar 146018 gamut of giclees as well; through careful scanning and precise color correction we can produce prints with great depth.

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Five Band Resistor Color Code-What Does The Last Band Of White Color Represent?

Written by Jestine Yong

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There's a interesting five color band resistor which is unique. In fact i have already seen quite a number of them. I will revealrepparttar calculation about this unique five color band resistor. The colors are orange, orange, red, gold, white. Actually it is a four color band resistor. Just ignorerepparttar 145803 white color and proceed to calculate usingrepparttar 145804 four color band formula. As to whyrepparttar 145805 resistor manufacturers add this 'extra' white band i really do not know. However, from forum someone said that it is forrepparttar 145806 military purposes. If you knowrepparttar 145807 answer i would like you to email me so that i can share with other fellow electronic repairer thru this info repairing newsletter.

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