Geurrilla Health Tactics: 5 Snappy Tips For A Healthier, Happier You

Written by Christopher Brown

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Studies also show that you derive far more benefit from exercising if you do it at intervals. If you walk for ten minutes, walk slowly to warm up forrepparttar first minute, then speed it up with a little burst forrepparttar 147592 next minute or two, then slow way down to relax and rest up for your next, more rapid interval. This way, you are never more than a minute away from a resting point, and you don’t feel so much pressure to perform. Interval training (or I.T.) has remarkable benefits (compared to mere "steady state" exercising) – includingrepparttar 147593 reducing of stress. So go alittle harder on Tuesday in your exercise routine, and a little easier on Wednesday. Then pick uprepparttar 147594 pace again on Thursday. Train at intervals.

4. Keep your house very clean at all times, especiallyrepparttar 147595 bathrooms and kitchen. This is where germs tend to accumulate. All houses have some dirt and mold in them. Dirty houses have a great deal more than clean ones, and overrepparttar 147596 long haul to much micro-garbage inrepparttar 147597 air will tend to cause all sorts of allergy problems and other harmful side-effects. Keeprepparttar 147598 toothbrushes well insulated when not using them, and store them in a room OTHER thanrepparttar 147599 bathroom. It could tell you why, but some of you might be eating. Trust me, just do it.

If your circumstances make it too difficult to keeprepparttar 147600 house very clean, hire a cleaning service. Your health is worthrepparttar 147601 cost. And wash your hands – and your children’s hands – often throughoutrepparttar 147602 day. This simple practice can reduce illness-related "down time" by as much as 50% or more

5. This one may seem a bit odd at first, but there is good logic behind it. Try not to userepparttar 147603 heater or air-conditioner in your vehicles much, especially if you travel on rural or dusty roads. The air blown intorepparttar 147604 cab (and blown intorepparttar 147605 faces and lungs ofrepparttar 147606 driver and passengers) has NO FILTER. This is nuts, but it is true. Just think about it for a minute.

Your engine has an air filter in it because dirt blows underrepparttar 147607 hood and can clog uprepparttar 147608 mechanical works. Hencerepparttar 147609 filter. Butrepparttar 147610 same dirty air, which blows acrossrepparttar 147611 engine and intorepparttar 147612 cab of your vehicle, doesn’t have to traverse a filter before it reaches your lungs.Yikes.

It is often quite dirty – especially if you live near a construction site or dirt road – and this dirt can accumulate in your lungs, and possibly even your bloodstream. I have no idea why no one seems to have thought of this when they builtrepparttar 147613 vehicles we drive, especially when so many now spend countless hours commuting – sitting behindrepparttar 147614 wheel, withrepparttar 147615 heater or A/C blasting away. I know of no studies on this topic either, but common sense says "Don’t blast a steady stream of dirt into your lungs over long periods of time."

If you can, instead of usingrepparttar 147616 heater, put on another layer of clothes, or a very warm jacket. If you can, instead of usingrepparttar 147617 A/C, just roll downrepparttar 147618 window(s) to cool off – or drink some cold water. And remember, exercise helps keep your system stay cleaner too, so take that advice seriously and put it into practice.

Your personal health ranks very high among your personal assets, so take it seriously enough to spend some time thinking about it, and doing something to improve it. Start with our "big five." You will be glad you did.

Christopher Brown has taught English and philosophy for two colleges, attended the California State University, and went to seminary in Orlando, FL. He has read a great deal on exercise and health issues. To visit his sites, see (Writing With Power) and (OGC's Free Web Traffic) (Extreme Profit)

Teaching a subject you don't know

Written by Mary Joyce

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There are many people that you may come in contact with as a part of your regular day that would be more than willing to take on a bit of homeschool instruction for you. If not to come by as a guest teacher, most will provide invaluable information for you to supplement your lesson plan. It’s a great experience! And what a feeling of accomplishment!

The key to remember don’t panic. Resources are everywhere and many are right in your very neighborhood. Children are always learning. If you don’t feel like you can effectively teach a particular subject, set up a field trip, or do a project together. Many outsiderepparttar home resources are delighted to have a young person who is genuinely excited and interested come by for a visit. And are more than willing to assist you with teaching a subject you don't know!

And you’ll learn something too!

Mary Joyce is a former educator, successful homeschool parent, and has written many articles on teaching your child at home for the Homeschool-Curriculum-4u website. Please visit ( for a complete list of Mary's articles.

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