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Catch-all A catch-all mailbox basically catches all emails with typos, incorrect names etc, butrepparttar email hasrepparttar 134438 domain name inrepparttar 134439 email address spelt correctly (e.g. For example, you can set up an alias such as and all emails with typos are redirected to this mailbox.

Mailing Lists A mailing list is a system for distributing email messages to many people at once. Mailing lists are a good tool to use if you have a brochure, catalog or newsletter and you want to distribute to lots of people. ISP should either have some sort of Mailing list program installed or have a mailing list included on their mail server.

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How Much Hosting Space Do You Need?

Written by Herman Drost

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2. To determine your total site file size, right click onrepparttar root folder where your web site is housed this will not only give you repparttar 134437 total site size but also how many files and folders are contained in your site.

3. If you use an editor, such as FrontPage, go torepparttar 134438 reports view, click onrepparttar 134439 site summary and you will get a reading ofrepparttar 134440 total site file size. In Dreamweaver, just userepparttar 134441 method in No 2.

Prepare To Expand Your Hosting Plan You may want to add pages, graphics, features eg scripts, databases etc, to your site inrepparttar 134442 future. Begin with a small hosting plan at first (even 5mb is enough to start out with), and then expand it as you add new features.

Check with your web host, if you can easily upgrade your hosting plan as you grow your site. You don't want to go throughrepparttar 134443 hassle of changing hosts every few months.

Once you have determined your total site file size, check what hosting plan you have purchased and how much disc space has been allocated for your site. If you are only using 3mb of disc space but are paying for 100mb, then you may want to switch hosting plans and save yourself a ton of money each year.

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