Getting the Word Out...Offline

Written by Jackie Ulmer

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Business Cards - A well designed business card can spreadrepparttar news like wild fire, if you getrepparttar 124499 word out. Develop some "sizzle cards" that contain very little information. Just your web site address, and a catch phrase or slogan, and maybe an appealing graphic. In this case remember, less is definitely more! When you are out and about, hand one to everyone you meet.

Press Releases/Offline Articles - Another very effective, no-cost method of advertising your business and web site. Most newspapers are looking for small "filler" articles that can fit intorepparttar 124500 white spaces of their newspaper. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Give it a shot. Remember, ifrepparttar 124501 paper prints your release or article, it's almost an implied endorsement inrepparttar 124502 readers mind!

Advertising - Let's not forgetrepparttar 124503 power of offline advertising for getting those business prospects online! Shop around for specials on running your ad more than once. In advertising,repparttar 124504 customer must see your ad as many as 9 times before they will buy.

I hope that gives you some ideas on ways to getrepparttar 124505 word out while you are Offline. Think about where your business prospects work, play, go to relax, etc. Then, target an offline campaign that will find them and compel them to "Dial Up" and check you out!

Jackie Ulmer, a veteran Home Based Business Owner, has coached and trained thousands of representatives both inside and outside of her sales organization. One of her primary goals is to help others succeed. She can be reached through her web site at Subscribe to her FREE newsletter by email to

Getting on the Radio: 10 tips to a successful talkshow

Written by Barry Forward

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6. Third Party Validation: You might think you'd make a great talk show guest, but is there anyone of your customers or your contacts who will provide a testimonial that supports that notion. "John Smith delivered a speech to our annual general meeting that was both entertaining and informative. We are looking forward to his appearance at our team building sessions coming up in June."

7. Test your Pitch: Once you've decided on how you are going to present your pitch try it out with one of your friends or associates. If you can't get their interest, there is a good chance your idea will fall flat withrepparttar talkshow as well.

8. Call first, then FAX: Some PR experts recommend sending a pitch letter first and then following up a day or two after. This works well, but I have found that if you can speak torepparttar 124498 show's producer directly, you will be able to sell them onrepparttar 124499 idea right then and there, as well as demonstrate your ability to engage an audience. Voice mail has made these "cold pitches" more difficult to arrange but it is worthrepparttar 124500 effort to makerepparttar 124501 call. If you can't talk to a real person, leave a voice message and then send a follow- up fax.

9. Love your idea: If you don't buy your goods nobody will. Talkshows need content and are constantly looking for compelling people to tell compelling stories. The more excited you are about your projectrepparttar 124502 more likely someone else will be sold on it.

10. Go for it. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Many a good talkshow guest has gonerepparttar 124503 way ofrepparttar 124504 shower singer. Great idea, good ability to talk, but no one knows they exist. Take a chance, look uprepparttar 124505 phone number and call them. What can they say? No, or maybe even, yes!

Barry Forward is the Executive Vice-President of Reputations Inc. ( and has an extensive background in public relations. He has also launched several campanies, including high tech ventures and products.. You can read similar articles to this on the Reputations Inc website

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