Getting the Necessary Paperwork Ready

Written by Paul Hod

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Scott E. Davis states belowrepparttar importance of documents in settling your disability claim:

‘There is no substitute for well documented medical records. Medical records are critical because judges review them to determine if your story regarding chronic pain and fatigue add up. The medical records also set up and support your doctor’s opinion that you are unable to work. You can win with poorly documented records but it’s not easy.

Judges review your medical records forrepparttar 119212 consistency of medical care, and whether there is an explanation for your symptoms. Obtaining all available medical tests such as MRI’s, x-rays, laboratory work and clinical evaluations from numerous specialists is important.”

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What you shouldn’t believe about SSD

Written by Lala Balattan

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What others are claiming that “certain conditions, disabilities, or medical health problems can get you automatically approved for benefits”, is not even close torepparttar truth. While certain conditions, disabilities or medical health problems do getrepparttar 119211 claimant involved approved for benefits,repparttar 119212 SSA procedures entails that no claimant’s application be automatically denied and/or approved.

Saying thatrepparttar 119213 best solution upon denial of an application is to file another brand new application in order to plead your case and appeal, is another misguided idea. While it is right to appeal for your application, it is not a good solution to begin all over again. The only way to continue you claim is to request for reconsideration, and with it,repparttar 119214 necessary additions that may strongly support your claim.

Another myth states that you can't be awarded social security disability benefits if you have ever used drugs or alcohol. If that is so, thenrepparttar 119215 state is denying disability benefits torepparttar 119216 entire population since at one point in their lives, they certainly may have used drugs or alcohol! This is such an utter mix-up ofrepparttar 119217 law stating that disability benefit shall be denied to those whose impairment was caused by addiction to drugs and alcohol.

There are yet other misguided ideas and information that still burrowed inrepparttar 119218 minds of citizens, especially those who are aiming to apply for disability claims. Unless a serious information drive campaign be done in order to answer all questions and to banish all myths inrepparttar 119219 minds ofrepparttar 119220 people, more and more would still cling to farfetched ideas and false hopes inrepparttar 119221 Social Security Administration’s system

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