Getting the Job thats Right for You.

Written by Joshua Nay

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repparttar big bucks right away, evenrepparttar 150047 most un-motivated types will quickly rise inrepparttar 150048 ranks duerepparttar 150049 the enjoyment ofrepparttar 150050 work. Its as simple as this "we like to do what we like to do". And trust me, if you think finding such a job impossible, know that people get paid to do all kinds of strange and even fun things. Take for instancerepparttar 150051 professional wine taster. Or perhapsrepparttar 150052 guy who gets to testrepparttar 150053 water slides after their manufacturing.

Remember to keep these words inrepparttar 150054 back of your mind, and hopefully you'llrepparttar 150055 job that's really right for you.

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Job Search Website Employer Confessions

Written by Joel Walsh

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Online Job Searches Drown in a Sea of Applications.

As you can see, you really are competing against hundreds of other applicants for every open position. That is, if you're lucky, you'll be competing against hundreds of other applicants.

If you're not lucky, your application can easily get lost in a sea of faceless applications before anyone even looks at it long enough for you to be in competition for anything.

The problem isn't so much that you have such great competition, but that you have such awful competition.

If someone onrepparttar other end even does look at your application, how likely is it that they will be looking at it with a fresh eye, excited atrepparttar 150038 possibility of a great hire?

Job Search Websites Make It Hard to Distinguish Yourself.

You're just a series of filled-in form fields and rows of text. On most sites, you can't even adjustrepparttar 150039 font of your resume. Your job website application may disappear intorepparttar 150040 ether unread--and you'll never find out.

With a hundred applications per day, it's very easy for an email inbox to go over quota and bounce a few, or for a few sheets of printouts to fly intorepparttar 150041 recycling bin prematurely. Most job search sites make it difficult or impossible to trackrepparttar 150042 status of an application beyond confirming that it was entered intorepparttar 150043 system.

In short, when it comes to job search websites, hard work and persistence pay off. You have to cast a lot of lines very well before you even get a bite. Often it isn't so muchrepparttar 150044 best worker who getsrepparttar 150045 job, butrepparttar 150046 person most skilled at navigatingrepparttar 150047 application process.

The good news is that if you learn to approachrepparttar 150048 job search website process fromrepparttar 150049 point of view of making life easier for a potential employer, you'll have an enormous advantage over other applicants.

When you start thinking aboutrepparttar 150050 person onrepparttar 150051 other side ofrepparttar 150052 "submit" button, you'll see potential flaws in your application that never would have appeared to you otherwise: how you can make your cover letter more concise and to-the-point, or how you could remove irrelevant time-wasting factoids from your resume.

Ready to get a fresh start with your applications by looking at them from an employer's perspective? Start re-planning your online job search now, before you forget. [When posting on the web, please hyperlink "Job Search Websites" as the visible text

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